Surprising Pixar Movie Stars: 10 Unexpected Actors in Animated Films

  1. Tom Hanks in “Toy Story” – Known for his roles in live-action films, Tom Hanks took on the iconic role of Sheriff Woody in the beloved “Toy Story” franchise. His warm and familiar voice brought life to the lovable cowboy toy alongside Tim Allen’s Buzz Lightyear.
  2. Ellen DeGeneres in “Finding Nemo” – Ellen DeGeneres captured hearts as the forgetful but endearing Dory in the underwater adventure “Finding Nemo” and its sequel “Finding Dory.” Her comedic timing and heartfelt delivery made Dory one of Pixar’s most memorable characters.
  3. Angelina Jolie in “Kung Fu Panda” – While not a Pixar production, Angelina Jolie’s voice acting talent shone in the DreamWorks animated film “Kung Fu Panda.” She portrayed the enigmatic and fierce Tigress, a member of the Furious Five, alongside an ensemble cast led by Jack Black.
  4. Amy Poehler in “Inside Out” – Comedian and actress Amy Poehler brought her distinct charm and wit to the character of Joy in the imaginative exploration of human emotions in “Inside Out.” Her energetic performance added depth to the film’s exploration of complex emotional themes.
  5. Robin Williams in “Aladdin” – Although not a Pixar film, Robin Williams made a significant impact in the world of animation with his unforgettable performance as the Genie in Disney’s “Aladdin.” His improvisational skills and comedic genius elevated the character to legendary status.
  6. Dwayne Johnson in “Moana” – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showcased his vocal talents as the demigod Maui in the vibrant and musical adventure “Moana.” His larger-than-life personality and charisma translated seamlessly into the animated character, adding an extra layer of charm to the film.
  7. Billy Crystal in “Monsters, Inc.” – The witty and playful voice of Billy Crystal lent itself perfectly to the character of Mike Wazowski, one of the main monsters in the hit Pixar film “Monsters, Inc.” His energetic performance alongside John Goodman’s Sulley contributed to the film’s success.
  8. Julie Andrews in “Despicable Me” – Although not part of the Pixar universe, Julie Andrews’s distinguished voice brought depth to her role as Gru’s mother in the animated franchise “Despicable Me.” Her elegant and nurturing voice added emotional resonance to the character.
  9. Bryan Cranston in “Madagascar 3” – Another non-Pixar animated film, Bryan Cranston showcased his vocal versatility as Vitaly the tiger in “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.” His intense and dramatic delivery brought a unique edge to the character, complementing the film’s comedic tone.
  10. Halle Berry in “Robots” – Halle Berry lent her voice to the character Cappy, the love interest of the protagonist in the animated film “Robots.” Her distinctive voice added warmth and charisma to the character, contributing to the film’s engaging narrative.

These talented actors demonstrated their versatility by breathing life into animated characters, showcasing their vocal skills and contributing to the success of these beloved films.

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