Spy x Family’s Anya & Inuyasha Share Key Weakness for Growth

“Anya Forger, a beloved character from the series Spy x Family, encounters a peculiar setback that hinders her progress as a telepathic prodigy. Every time the new moon graces the night sky, Anya loses her telepathic ability, leaving her at a disadvantage during critical moments. Interestingly, this predicament mirrors that of Inuyasha, a half-demon protagonist from the renowned anime of the same name. Inuyasha faces a similar challenge as he loses his supernatural powers whenever the new moon emerges.

The new moon becomes a pivotal catalyst for character growth in both narratives. In recent episodes of Spy x Family, Anya discovers with sheer horror that the upcoming exams at Eden Academy coincide with the day of the new moon. While her foster parents, Loid and Yor, fail to grasp the gravity of the situation, Anya is well aware of her telepathic powers going offline during this lunar phase. The reasons behind this disruption remain unclear, but Anya firmly believes in its existence. As viewers anticipate the unfolding events, they can expect Anya to face an uphill battle in her exams without the aid of her telepathy. With a mere two weeks’ notice before the new moon tests, not even her newly acquired companion, Bond the Great Pyrenees dog, can provide the answers she seeks. Furthermore, Anya’s grades are not the only thing at stake; the success of Operation Strix and, consequently, world peace hangs in the balance.

Similarly, Inuyasha’s half-demon nature renders him powerless during the new moon. The transformation strips him of his distinguishing features, as his hair darkens, his dog ears morph into human ones, and his supernatural gifts fade away. Even his famed Tetsusaiga sword loses its full potency, and his remarkable healing abilities and keen senses are temporarily nullified. In the past, Inuyasha would confine himself indoors to protect against potential threats during this vulnerable state. However, with Kagome and their companions by his side, he finds solace in their support. Although it clashes with his proud and independent nature, Inuyasha has no choice but to rely on the strength of his allies. Consequently, this period of vulnerability prompts Inuyasha to reassess the value of teamwork, fostering a newfound appreciation for the capabilities of those fighting alongside him.

Initially appearing as a liability, the new moon weakness eventually proves to be a catalyst for personal growth for both Anya and Inuyasha. While they may lose their powers without gaining apparent compensations, their shonen anime spirit instills them with the mental fortitude and resilience needed to extract value from this adversity.

For Inuyasha, the new moon presents an opportunity to acknowledge the importance of friendship and recognize the individual strengths that his allies possess. Often inclined to shoulder the burden alone, Inuyasha must learn to embrace collaboration, as his inability to fight during the new moon demands he rely on the collective power of his squad. This newfound perspective allows Inuyasha to view his companions in a different light, fostering a deeper bond and strengthening their effectiveness as a team.

In the case of Anya in Spy x Family, her awareness of the forthcoming weakness grants her an advantage—time to prepare. Although she initially relies on her telepathy to excel in her endeavors, Anya comes to understand that true growth lies in harnessing her intrinsic abilities to overcome challenges. Cheating, which once seemed like a viable shortcut, reveals itself as a hindrance to her personal development. Determined to forge her own path, Anya summons her willpower and courage, enlisting the help of her new uncle, Yuri, as a tutor. Despite grappling with subjects such as grammar and facing arduous challenges, Anya cultivates a self-sufficient mindset.

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