Review of Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Episode 3

“Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Episode 3 Review: Major Reveal and Mixed Feelings”

“After the cliffhanger in the previous episode, Tokyo Revengers returns with a significant reveal. However, Episode 3, titled ‘Stand Alone,’ fell short compared to the first two episodes. The overuse of flashbacks and questionable animation affected the overall experience. Nonetheless, this episode sets up an important plotline that will play a crucial role moving forward. Fans can anticipate how this unfolds in the upcoming episodes, as new ways to change the past emerge.

The episode begins with Taiju ordering his brother Hakkai to attack Takemichi. However, it becomes clear that Hakkai won’t follow through. Yuzuha tries to intervene, but Taiju strikes her and continues the beating. Hakkai is visibly terrified of his brother. Eventually, Taiju offers Hakkai a deal: Leave the Tokyo Manji Gang and join the Black Dragon in exchange for sparing Takemichi. It is revealed that Hakkai had planned to take over the Black Dragon by killing its leader. While transporting Takemichi to the hospital, Hakkai confesses that he has something to fix within the Black Dragon.

When Takemichi wakes up, he finds his friends by his side, and they reveal their affiliation with the Tokyo Manji 1st Division. They discuss the aggressive and powerful nature of the Black Dragon under Taiju’s leadership. Chifuyu then takes Takemichi for a talk, where he expresses his trust and willingness to help him change the future. Takemichi confides in Chifuyu about his time-travel ability, and they vow to work together.

In the closing moments, the high-ranking members of the Tokyo Manji Gang convene to discuss their next steps. Takemichi and Chifuyu focus on preventing Hakkai from joining the Black Dragon. Chifuyu’s plan involves giving Mikey a dorayaki as a persuasion tactic, but it fails. Ultimately, the decision falls to Hakkai’s captain, Takashi Mitsuya, leaving viewers curious about his response.

Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown continues to stream on Hulu, and tensions rise as the conflict with the Black Dragon intensifies.”

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