Renewal chances for Kakegurui Twin Season 2 are uncertain, but we’re fully committed to it

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Kakegurui Twin has recently made its worldwide debut on Netflix, and fans are eagerly anticipating any updates regarding the possibility of a second season for this prequel spin-off anime. The streaming giant’s anime content has left much to be desired in recent months, with only a handful of noteworthy releases such as the semi-simulcast series Uncle From Another World. However, the arrival of Kakegurui Twin has finally given anime enthusiasts something to get excited about.

Released on August 4th, Kakegurui Twin is a six-episode spin-off series that takes us back to one of the most cutthroat schools in anime history. Filled with intense gambling, strategic maneuvers, emotional stakes, and unwavering loyalty, Kakegurui Twin has quickly become a favorite among viewers, despite its relatively short first season. Fans have wasted no time binge-watching the entire season and are now eagerly awaiting news on the show’s potential continuation.

Kakegurui Twin season 2 remains TBA, but we're all-in on renewal chances

While an official renewal for Kakegurui Twin Season 2 is yet to be announced, there are several indications that another thrilling installment may be in the works. One of the most apparent signs is the open ending of the sixth episode, which concludes with a post-credit scene that strongly suggests there is more to come. In the final moments of “A Resisting Girl,” after the ending theme song, we witness Juraka and Mibuomi engaged in a conversation about Mary.

Juraka inquires if Mibuomi has given up on Mary, to which he responds, “Nope, I’m quite smitten by her,” and adds, “She’s definitely going to be a major player at our school.” He then asserts that her victory in the game is crucial and declares, “That’s why I need her to join Full-Bloom at all costs… or I’ll just have to crush her.”

Excitingly, there is an abundance of source material available from the original manga series, providing a solid foundation for the potential production of Kakegurui Twin Season 2. The sixth episode of the anime adaptation covered content up until volume 3 chapter 14 of the manga, but as of August 2022, the manga has published a total of 12 complete Tankobon volumes, encompassing a staggering 81 chapters in Japan.

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This implies that there is more than enough source material for at least three additional seasons of Kakegurui Twin. Additionally, when considering that both seasons of the main Kakegurui series consisted of 12 episodes each (while Kakegurui Twin only had six), all signs point towards the return of Mary and the other captivating characters for more high-stakes gambling and gripping storytelling in Kakegurui Twin Season 2.

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