Kakegurui Twin: A Safe and Enjoyable Prequel that Bets on Fan-Favorite Appeal

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“Kakegurui Twin: A Mildly Entertaining Spin-Off that Relies on Familiar Tropes, but Lacks the Gambling Intensity to Make a Lasting Impression”

When it comes to describing anime, the term “weird” seems almost redundant. But in the case of “Kakegurui,” weird doesn’t even begin to cover it. This anime series takes place in a high school where social status is determined solely by one’s gambling prowess. It’s a world where privileged students use their parents’ wealth to engage in high-stakes games, while those who end up bankrupt or in debt become nothing more than “house pets,” living as collared and owned individuals in a situation that can only be described as kinky.

The original series gained fame for its characters’ outlandish facial expressions when faced with their bizarre predicaments. It was a whirlwind of eccentricity that captured the attention of many viewers. However, after an unnecessary and over-the-top second season, “Kakegurui Twin” takes a step back and refocuses on a secondary character: the fan-favorite Mary Saotome. This spin-off aims to bring a sense of grounding back to the series.

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In “Kakegurui Twin,” the gambling action shifts away from rotating death towers and instead revolves around dice, cards, and a high-stakes game of treasure hunt. Mary, a new student who ranks low in the social hierarchy, opens her own gambling den akin to an after-school club, which earns her the ire of the student council. Mary Saotome, a cunning and flawed character, is a delight to watch. She was already a standout in the main series, and this spin-off provides even more opportunity to witness her growth.

However, the new characters introduced in “Kakegurui Twin,” namely Tsuzura and Yukimi, Mary’s best friends, fail to leave a lasting impression. As a result, Mary shoulders the majority of the series’ weight. While the games in this spin-off are enjoyable, the lack of compelling characters outside of those we already know makes it difficult to fully invest in the outcomes.

One aspect that deserves praise is the stunning animation. “Kakegurui Twin” showcases some of the best animation in recent Netflix anime releases. After a dip in quality during the second season of the main series, it’s refreshing to see more attention to detail and a higher production value dedicated to a show known for its unique visual style.

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The music and voice acting also excel, with the English voice cast fully embracing their roles and injecting a sense of fun into their performances. The overall audiovisual experience enhances the viewing pleasure of “Kakegurui Twin.”

With only six episodes released so far, “Kakegurui Twin” offers an easy and quick watch that captures the essence of the series, albeit without reaching the heights of its first season. While it is intriguing to see Mary’s story unfold further, it remains uncertain whether “Twin” will attract new fans or make a significant impact among existing ones.

In the end, “Kakegurui Twin” is a mildly entertaining spin-off that relies heavily on familiar tropes, ultimately lacking the intense gambling thrills necessary to leave a lasting impression. It’s a fun diversion, but one that ultimately fails to take enough risks to truly shine in the crowded anime landscape.

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