Recommended 2012 Anime for Inuyasha Fans

Fans of Inuyasha, with its captivating blend of funny character dynamics and thrilling adventures set in feudal Japan, are sure to find delight in the enchanting details of Kamisama Kiss. Anime, as an art form, often reflects the culture and history of its country of origin, and Inuyasha stands as a beloved series that beautifully incorporates elements of Japan’s rich history and spiritual beliefs. While the original two-part anime series of Inuyasha concluded in 2010, accompanied by four films and an ongoing spin-off series, many eager fans yearn for more content that embodies a similar essence.

Fortunately, one such place where Inuyasha enthusiasts can find elements akin to their beloved series is in the 2012 anime adaptation of Kamisama Hajimemashita, better known as Kamisama Kiss. Although Kamisama Kiss does not traverse between feudal and modern Japan like Inuyasha does, it skillfully intertwines these two worlds, exploring the existence of spiritual beings from ancient times within a contemporary setting. This unique fusion shapes the way these otherworldly entities interact with and are perceived by those around them.

In both Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss, the protagonists embark on journeys of self-discovery and love while encountering captivating challenges. The main character of Kamisama Kiss is a teenage girl who suddenly finds herself possessing spiritual powers that unlock her true potential, all while navigating the complexities of an unconventional romantic relationship. This resonates with the journey of Kagome in Inuyasha, who also embraces her unique abilities and finds love in a person who challenges her and aids her growth. In both narratives, the characters face not an abundance of suitors, but rather complicated relationships that push them to evolve. Such storylines emphasize the importance of healthy connections rooted in loyalty, sacrifice, and companionship, falling under the genre of romance.

The tone of both Inuyasha and Kamisama Kiss strikes a delicate balance between lighthearted comedy and romantic entanglements, interspersed with intense and occasionally dark action sequences. While the primary focus revolves around the development of relationships between the protagonists and their respective love interests, there is a constant presence of demons and battles against adversaries that contributes to the growth of their individual powers. This fusion of genres within the realm of romance storytelling is a significant factor in the success of these series, as they transcend mere saccharine love stories.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Kamisama Kiss offers an emotional depth akin to Inuyasha. While Inuyasha and Kagome experience a prolonged period of resistance before acknowledging their mutual interest, the expression of mutual affection between the protagonists of Kamisama Kiss, Nanami and Tomoe, occurs more swiftly. This divergence allows Kamisama Kiss to strike a balance between the romantic dynamics of Inuyasha and the emotional depth found in another beloved series, Fruits Basket.

Moreover, Kamisama Kiss shares commonalities with Fruits Basket beyond the realm of romance. One notable similarity lies in the presence of spiritual beings that manifest as characters associated with the Zodiac animals. The convergence of these various elements in Kamisama Kiss, blending familiarity from other successful anime series with its distinctive qualities, establishes its potential to captivate fans. While it incorporates qualities that anime enthusiasts appreciate from other series, it also offers a fresh perspective on the world, captivating viewers with its unique storytelling.

Nanami, the protagonist of Kamisama Kiss, embodies the quintessential underdog, a character who has encountered misfortune at every turn. However, it is not the mere opportunities she stumbles upon that shape her character development; rather, it is her resilient response to these opportunities. Similar to Inuyasha and Fruits Basket, Nanami’s ability to empathize and consider the needs of others becomes a catalyst for her personal growth and inspires those around her to do the same. In an anime genre where characters play a vital role in driving the narrative forward, it is the combination of strength and empathy that allows these characters to flourish even in the face of dark and threatening environments.

Beyond the captivating storylines and character dynamics, Kamisama Kiss and Inuyasha also share similarities in their style and structure. The author of Kamisama Kiss, Julietta Suzuki, has often been compared to Rumiko Takahashi, the creator of Inuyasha. Both are influential and successful female mangakas who have crafted stories with strong female characters that utilize their feminine qualities as strengths rather than succumbing to the limitations imposed by their respective environments. It is this progressive and relatable representation of female characters within a medium that sometimes exhibits sexist tendencies that contributes to the resounding success of these shows. While the vibrant cultural backdrop, suspenseful action, and humorous camaraderie are undoubtedly elements that draw viewers in, it is the transformative experiences of the characters that truly bring these stories to life and keep audiences captivated. Consequently, the completion or catch-up of a series can leave a void that yearns to be filled with similar content.

Fortunately, for fans of Inuyasha and Fruits Basket who find themselves seeking new narratives, Kamisama Kiss presents an exciting opportunity. While it possesses enough similarities to appeal to fans of those series, it also offers a fresh perspective that makes it a worthwhile watch in its own right.

Currently comprising two seasons, which can be enjoyed on streaming platforms like Hulu and Crunchyroll, Kamisama Kiss has sparked hopes for a potential third season in the future, although no official confirmation has been made. The anticipation of future episodes further amplifies the allure of Kamisama Kiss, ensuring that fans of Inuyasha have an avenue to explore and immerse themselves in a world reminiscent of their beloved series.

In conclusion, Kamisama Kiss stands as an anime that pays homage to the elements that Inuyasha fans hold dear: the amusing dynamics between characters and the enthralling adventures set against the backdrop of feudal Japan. By combining historical and spiritual elements with modern storytelling, Kamisama Kiss offers a unique perspective that keeps viewers engaged and entertained. Whether it’s the captivating romance, the presence of supernatural beings, or the resonating themes of personal growth and friendship, Kamisama Kiss serves as a fitting recommendation for fans of Inuyasha, providing them with a delightful anime experience that captures the essence of what they love about their favorite series.

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