Explaining Inuyasha’s frustrating love triangle

The love triangle in the anime Inuyasha has been a controversial topic among the fandom. While love triangles can make the romantic conflict more intriguing and complex, in the case of Inuyasha, it was a source of frustration and heated debates among fans. The two female leads, Kagome and Kikyo, fought over their common love interest, Inuyasha, which caused headaches for the audience. However, the love triangle had an interesting backstory. 500 years before Kagome’s time, Kikyo and Inuyasha were romantically involved and made a promise to elope and live happily together. Unfortunately, they were turned against each other by the demon Naraku, resulting in Inuyasha being sealed away, and Kikyo dying with the powerful Shikon jewel. Kikyo was then reincarnated into Kagome, and their love triangle began.

Inuyasha’s growing relationship with Kagome was frequently hindered whenever Kikyo entered the scene. Whenever Kikyo was around, Inuyasha would divert his attention to her, leaving Kagome feeling sad and abandoned. As a result, 90% of the fights between Inuyasha and Kagome were because he prioritized Kikyo over her. This indecisiveness caused Kagome to become passive-aggressive, leading to further problems in their romantic development. Throughout the show, there were a lot of moments of high tension between Kagome and Kikyo, who were love rivals fighting for Inuyasha’s affection. Kagome was jealous of Kikyo because she was Inuyasha’s first love, and Kikyo was jealous of Kagome because she felt like Kagome had replaced her and stolen Inuyasha from her. However, despite Kikyo’s bitterness, Kagome never had ill intentions towards Kikyo and even saved her life multiple times.

The romantic conflict didn’t only cause turmoil in the show; it caused turmoil in the fandom as well. As usual with love triangles, fans began to take sides, with “Team Kagome” and “Team Kikyo” emerging. Fans would root for their chosen character to win Inuyasha’s heart while praying for the other woman’s downfall. Arguments erupted over who was the better match for Inuyasha. Some fans believed that Kikyo deserved Inuyasha because if it hadn’t been for Naraku’s meddling, then Inuyasha and Kikyo would have been together. They also argued that theoretically, Kagome may only love Inuyasha because she is the reincarnation of Kikyo, and if Kagome hadn’t been born with Kikyo’s soul, then she never would have fallen for Inuyasha. On the other hand, fans on Team Kagome believed she was meant to be with Inuyasha because she loved him for who he was and accepted him as a half-demon.

The love triangle may have seemed never-ending throughout the 167-episode series, but where there is conflict, there is resolution. It was only when Kikyo died for the second time that Inuyasha was finally able to move on and choose Kagome. Ultimately, Kagome was fated to be with Inuyasha, and they lived happily ever after. The love triangle in Inuyasha may have caused heated debates among fans, but it was an integral part of the story and added depth to the characters’ relationships.

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