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In a thrilling revelation for Hunter x Hunter fans, a member of Yoshihiro Togashi’s staff has ignited hopes by confirming that thirty more chapters of the series have already been written. The news comes from Tanehana, who serves as part of Togashi’s team, and it signifies a promising future for the beloved manga. With these additional chapters already prepared up to four years prior to the manga’s return to serialization in late 2022, it indicates that as long as Togashi delegates more of the drawing process to his assistants, the Hunter x Hunter story will continue with reduced delays.

The return of Hunter x Hunter was undoubtedly one of the most significant manga announcements of 2022. After a four-year absence from publication due to Togashi’s health issues, the series’ anticipated comeback, coupled with Togashi’s debut on Twitter, sparked immense excitement among millions of fans worldwide. Currently, the plan is to publish a sequence of ten new chapters in Weekly Shonen Jump, resuming the story right in the middle of the Succession Contest Arc. However, concerns loom that the series may once again plunge into a prolonged hiatus following the completion of these ten chapters. However, recent revelations suggest a brighter future may lie ahead.

In a recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, in the “authors’ comments” section, Togashi’s spot was taken by his assistant Tanehana, who used the opportunity to share insightful information. According to Tanehana’s message, all the chapters published since Hunter x Hunter’s return and the thirty chapters that will follow were actually written four years ago. This revelation not only indicates that Togashi has a clear vision of the story’s trajectory, but it also holds another intriguing implication. Tanehana expressed his eagerness to draw the upcoming chapters, which aligns with Togashi’s recent disclosure that he is entrusting more of the drawing process to his assistants. In fact, Tanehana’s previous “author’s comment” in the magazine also hinted at this evolving dynamic, stating, “We currently can’t decide on a work method, and my boss is unbelievably happy.”

While Togashi’s chronic back issues persist, making it challenging for him to work extensively and even perform mundane tasks, the manga’s return to serialization may have convinced him that he cannot accomplish the series’ conclusion single-handedly. Togashi has already adapted by employing new drawing tools to cope with his condition and has increasingly relied on his assistants. From this perspective, Tanehana’s comments can be seen as a way to reassure fans that Hunter x Hunter will not abruptly end after the publication of the tenth chapter in the current batch. It suggests that the next hiatus, if any, may not be as prolonged as feared.

With thirty additional chapters already written and Togashi embracing a collaborative approach, Hunter x Hunter fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The prospect of a more consistent release schedule instills a renewed sense of optimism that their beloved manga will not succumb to the notorious hiatuses that have plagued its publication history. As anticipation builds for the continuation of the story, fans can rest a little easier knowing that the world of Hunter x Hunter holds the promise of unfolding further with captivating chapters yet to come.

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