Moana Live-Action Movie Slated for Summer 2025 Amid MCU Delays

Disney has unveiled the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of “Moana,” pinpointing its release for the summer of 2025, a date that now gleams on the cinematic horizon. This decision comes as part of Disney’s ever-expanding repertoire of live-action remakes of their beloved animated classics. The live-action rendition of “Moana” was initially announced in April 2023, creating ripples of excitement among fans of the original animated film. To steer this ambitious project, Disney enlisted the talents of Thomas Kail, the renowned director behind the hit Broadway show “Hamilton.”

A key selling point for this adaptation is the return of Dwayne Johnson, who lent his distinctive voice to the character Maui in the original animated film. Johnson not only reprises his role but also acts as the spokesperson for the live-action remake. In addition to the compelling return of Johnson, the casting will introduce a new actor to portray the titular character, Moana.

Mark your calendars, as the live-action “Moana” is set to make its grand debut on June 27, 2025. This carefully chosen date places the film in the midst of an eventful summer movie season. It slots in two weeks after an as-yet-untitled Pixar production and one month before another mysterious Disney movie.

The live-action “Moana” follows a trend that Disney has been actively pursuing in recent years – adapting their classic animated films into live-action experiences. This trend has led to successful remakes such as “The Little Mermaid” in May 2023, with plans for even more, including a live-action “Snow White” scheduled for March 2024, as well as adaptations of “Lilo & Stitch” and a prequel to “The Lion King” titled “Mufasa: The Lion King.”

In the realm of casting, Dwayne Johnson’s return as Maui is widely anticipated, lending a sense of continuity and nostalgia to the project. However, the voice actor of the original Moana, Auli’i Cravalho, will not be reprising her role in the live-action adaptation. Instead, she will collaborate with Johnson as a producer and actively participate in the selection of the actor who will breathe life into Moana in this new medium. While the full cast lineup remains undisclosed, it’s expected that the live-action “Moana” will closely adhere to the storyline of its animated predecessor, albeit within the immersive world of live-action cinema.

Moana Screenprint

It’s worth noting that Disney’s unveiling of the “Moana” release date occurs amidst a flurry of adjustments to their film release schedule. This includes significant delays for movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Star Wars, and Avatar franchises. Although “Moana” currently holds the coveted June 2025 slot, it is prudent to consider that the ongoing writers’ strike may introduce unforeseen variables into this schedule. However, given Dwayne Johnson’s enthusiastic involvement and Disney’s commitment to the project, the live-action “Moana” is poised to sail into theaters, inviting audiences to explore its enchanting world during the summer of 2025.

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