Miley Cyrus Discloses Intense Work Hours at 12 During Hannah Montana Days

Miley Cyrus in 2023 and Miley Cyrus in 2005

Miley Cyrus is delving into her early career and childhood memories, including her time as Hannah Montana, in a new TikTok series tied to her latest single ‘Used to Be Young.’ One particularly surprising revelation stands out.

In a recent installment of the series, Cyrus shares her daily schedule during her Hannah Montana days, which began with a 5:30 A.M. hair and makeup session followed by a jam-packed day. She was only around 12 or 13 years old at the time. Cyrus goes on to read a seemingly endless list of press engagements that made up her typical workday during that period. On one day alone, she mentions nine interviews, a meeting with editors, and two photoshoots. The cycle would repeat the next day before she would fly home and return to the Hannah set. Cyrus dryly acknowledges her younger self’s intense work schedule, saying, ‘I’m a lot of things, but lazy ain’t one of them.’ She expresses a desire for her younger self to enjoy a well-deserved endless summer vacation.

The singer also revisits her first solo album, ‘Meet Miley Cyrus,’ which was released alongside a Hannah Montana album. She explains that releasing it as a double disc was a strategic move since she wasn’t valued as much as Hannah at the time, even though she was the voice behind the character.


Cyrus highlights that ‘Meet Miley Cyrus’ marked her emergence as a songwriter, sharing, ‘The record ‘Meet Miley Cyrus’ was really where I started writing my own songs as a solo artist.’ She recalls working with a producer in Malibu, noting the ironic twist that she would later live in the same house that producer inhabited in Ramirez Canyon, which eventually burned down during the 2018 California wildfires. This house was the Malibu home she shared with her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth.

The TikTok series also provides glimpses into Cyrus’s childhood, her father’s country music career, and her life on a tour bus. For fans who have followed Cyrus since her Disney days, it offers a nostalgic and insightful look at the diverse facets of her unique career.

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