Kakegurui Twin: Unconventional and engaging

Kakegurui Twin Netflix

Kakegurui Twin is an anime series that revolves around the characters Mary Saotome and Tsuzura Hanatemari as they navigate the competitive world of Hyakkao Private Academy, a prestigious school where one’s worth is determined by their gambling skills.

The story follows Mary, who is newly transferred to the academy, as she experiences her first gambling defeat. However, Tsuzura comes to her aid by providing the necessary funds for a second chance, leading Mary to emerge victorious and rise to the top of her class. Motivated by her desire to help Tsuzura, who is a house pet subjected to bullying as one of the lowest-ranking students, Mary and Tsuzura embark on a journey together to become winners.

Alongside their ally Yukimi Togakushi, the head of the Literary Club, Mary and Tsuzura establish a gambling den to generate profits. As the story progresses, Aoi Miboumi invites Mary to join the Full-Bloom society, an opposition group to the Student Council responsible for the school’s hierarchical structure. Mary finds herself torn between aligning with the Student Council or the Full-Bloom society, having to make a decision that will impact not only her own fate but also that of her friends.

One of the strengths of Kakegurui Twin lies in its unique and creative premise. Rather than focusing on academic achievements or sporting prowess, the school’s social standing is determined by gambling prowess, providing a fresh and unconventional concept. The protagonist, Mary, is a compelling character with a mix of headstrong determination and a compassionate side, especially towards her friends Tsuzura and Yukimi, whom she seeks to protect.

The series keeps viewers engaged with its constant twists and turns, making the narrative captivating. The gambling games featured in the anime are intriguing, and the opponents Mary encounters add further excitement to the story. Notably, Kakegurui Twin showcases a progressive portrayal of the relationship between Mary and Tsuzura, hinting at an attraction between the two characters rarely seen in anime.

However, one drawback is the limited number of episodes, standing at just six, which restricts the potential for a lasting impact. The ambition and conflicts presented in the series can be somewhat clichéd, as the narrative heavily relies on the twists and turns of the gambling scenarios for excitement. Despite this, the unique premise of the anime could have been utilized to create a more thought-provoking storyline that challenges the hierarchical structure of the school.

In conclusion, Kakegurui Twin manages to captivate viewers throughout its six-episode length. While it may not break new ground, it is still worth a watch for dedicated anime fans who appreciate unconventional settings and engaging narratives.

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