Kakegurui Twin Season 1 Set to Release on Netflix

Prepare yourself for an exciting new anime series centered around gambling as ‘Kakegurui Twin’ is set to make its debut on Netflix. Based on the popular manga by Homura Kawamoto, this anime serves as both a spin-off and prequel to ‘Kakegurui-Compulsive Gambler,’ a live-action web series that aired on Amazon Prime from March to April 2021. With the manga currently running its 12th volume since its serialization in 2015, the creators recognized its immense popularity and decided to bring it to life through an anime adaptation.

The official announcement for the anime adaptation was made in November 2021, revealing that MAPPA, known for their outstanding works like ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ and ‘Dorohedoro,’ would be responsible for the animation. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of ‘Kakegurui Twin,’ which is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on Thursday, August 4th, 2022. As is customary for Netflix, it is expected that all episodes of the series will be released at once, providing viewers with a binge-watching experience. While there is no confirmation yet regarding the episode count or the possibility of a second season, fans can remain hopeful as new manga chapters continue to be released.

It’s important to note that the release timing may vary depending on your location, as Netflix follows a concurrent release schedule for all its shows. Here are the expected release times for ‘Kakegurui Twin’ based on different time zones:

  • Pacific Time: 12:00 AM PDT (August 4th)
  • Central Time: 2:00 AM CDT (August 4th)
  • Eastern Time: 3:00 AM EDT (August 4th)
  • British Time: 8:00 AM BST (August 4th)
  • European Time: 9:00 AM CEST (August 4th)
  • Indian Time: 12:30 PM IST (August 4th)
  • Japan Time: 4:00 PM JST (August 4th)
  • Australian Time: 5:00 PM AEST (August 4th)

‘Kakegurui Twin’ follows the story of transfer student Mary Saotome, who enrolls in the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy only to discover that gambling is a prominent aspect of the school’s culture. However, Mary quickly adapts to the academy’s gambling system and gains a reputation for her exceptional skills.

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Here are some of the main voice cast members for ‘Kakegurui Twin’:

  • Mary Saotome: Voiced by Minami Tanaka
  • Tsuzura Hanatemari: Voiced by Rina Honnizumi
  • Yukimi Togakushi: Voiced by Yo Taichi
  • Sachiko Juraku: Voiced by Yuko Kaida
  • Mikura Sado: Voiced by Aoi Koga
  • Aoi Mibuomi: Voiced by Seiichiro Yamashita
  • Sakura Miharutaki: Voiced by Rie Takahashi

Fans of the manga and newcomers alike can look forward to diving into the thrilling world of ‘Kakegurui Twin’ on Netflix very soon.

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