Kakegurui Twin premieres on August 4, accompanied by a new trailer and visual

kakegurui twin trailer

Coming to Netflix worldwide on August 4, the highly anticipated Kakegurui spin-off titled Kakegurui Twin has revealed an exciting new trailer and visual, heightening the anticipation among fans. This thrilling spin-off will put the spotlight on Mary Saotome, a captivating character from the original series. The renowned animation studio MAPPA has taken charge of bringing this new story to life, promising a visual feast for the viewers.

Based on the Kakegurui Twin manga, which was crafted by the talented duo of Homura Kawamoto (writer) and Kei Saiki (illustrator), this spin-off serves as a prequel to the main series, Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler. The plot delves into Mary Saotome’s early days as a first-year student at the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, where her path to success seems destined. However, a chance encounter with a former classmate, who has now taken on the role of a pet, unexpectedly thrusts Mary into the perilous world of gambling. Faced with new challenges and formidable opponents, Mary must rely on her wit and luck to navigate the treacherous realm of high-stakes gambling. Can she make genuine connections and emerge triumphant while evading the clutches of crushing debt?

The anime adaptation of Kakegurui Twin is helmed by director Kaori Makita, known for her exceptional work in the industry. Assisting her is the esteemed chief director Yuichiro Hayashi, who previously directed the original Kakegurui series, as well as the final season of Attack on Titan. With such an experienced team, fans can expect a captivating and visually stunning portrayal of the story. Shigeru Murakoshi is responsible for series composition, ensuring a seamless narrative flow, while Ni Manabu showcases their talent in character design. The musical composition, handled by Technoboys Pulcraft Green-Fund, promises to enhance the intense and exhilarating atmosphere of the series.

Reprising her role as Mary Saotome, the talented Minami Tanaka brings her captivating voice acting skills to breathe life into the beloved character once again. Alongside her, the cast features notable voice actors, including Yuko Kaida as Sachiko, Rina Honizumi as Tsuzura, Seichiro Yamashita as Aoi, Aoi Koga as Mikura, Yo Taichi as Yukimi, and Rie Takahashi as Sakura. With such a talented ensemble, the characters are bound to captivate and engage the audience, making the world of Kakegurui Twin even more immersive.

It’s worth noting that Studio MAPPA, renowned for their exceptional animation prowess, has previously worked on the first two seasons of the main Kakegurui series, further adding to the anticipation and confidence surrounding this spin-off. Both seasons of the original Kakegurui series are currently available for streaming on Netflix, providing an opportunity for fans to catch up and immerse themselves in the captivating world of high-stakes gambling before diving into the thrilling world of Kakegurui Twin.

kakegurui twin visual trailer

As the release date draws near, fans around the world eagerly await the arrival of Kakegurui Twin, ready to indulge in its intense and unpredictable narrative, vibrant animation, and the alluring allure of gambling that has captivated audiences worldwide. Get ready to experience the thrill and excitement of Kakegurui Twin on August 4, exclusively on Netflix.

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