“Kakegurui Twin” Season 1 Ending: Did Mary Win Against Sakura?

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In the exciting finale of Kakegurui, the showdown between Sakura and Mary takes center stage after the treasure hunt in the previous episode. Titled “A Resisting Girl,” the episode highlights Mary’s tenacity and never-say-die attitude as the two prepare for their final match. The game they play is called Dice-Nim, where players remove 1-3 stones from a 20 stone pile, and the loser is the person who takes the final stone. They use a dice to remove the number of Go pieces from the pile against whatever they roll. It’s a game of luck, but Mary plans to use her numbers to her advantage.

As the game progresses, Mary tries to distract Sakura with noise, but her plan backfires when Sakura susses out Mary’s deception. However, Mary’s friends Tsuzara and Yukimi leave earlier to find the other treasure box, and something Sakura overlooked is that the two numbered musical notations represent a point on the map that has three-dimensional coordinates. Mary’s win gains her entry privileges to Full-Bloom, but she decides to carve her own place in this world instead of joining Full-Bloom.

In a final scene after the credits, Aoi admits that he has a crush on Mary and is confident she will join Full-Bloom in the future. The episode ends on a thrilling note, leaving viewers eager for more.

Overall, the finale of Kakegurui was packed with suspense and surprises, making for a satisfying end to the season. The twists and turns in the game between Sakura and Mary kept viewers on the edge of their seats, and the final reveal about the treasure box was a clever way to tie up loose ends. Additionally, the dynamic between Mary and Aoi added an interesting layer to the story and set the stage for future developments. All in all, “A Resisting Girl” was a fantastic episode that left viewers hungry for more Kakegurui.

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