Hunter x Hunter reveals motivation of mysterious villains

Hunter x Hunter is a popular manga series known for its complex characters and intricate storylines. One of its most iconic and intriguing groups of characters is the Phantom Troupe, a band of thieves and killers who operate in the underworld of the Hunter x Hunter world. While the Troupe has been a prominent presence in the series since their introduction in the Yorknew City arc, very little was known about their motivation for committing crimes.

The latest chapter of the manga, Chapter 397, finally reveals the driving force behind the Phantom Troupe’s actions. The chapter continues a flashback sequence that delves into the group’s origins as children in Meteor City, a dystopian metropolis where they formed an acting troupe to bring joy to the other children in the area. However, their happy existence was shattered when one of their own, a young girl named Sarasa, was kidnapped and brutally murdered.

The tragedy of Sarasa’s death led the Troupe’s leader, Chrollo Lucifer, to turn the group into an instrument of vengeance. They devoted themselves to gaining the skills necessary to track down and destroy Sarasa’s killers, setting them on a path that would eventually lead to their reputation as ruthless criminals. This tragic origin story adds a new dimension to the Troupe’s already fascinating characters, and sheds light on their past actions and current motivations.

The revelation of the Phantom Troupe’s motivation also contextualizes their recent actions in the Succession Contest arc, in which they play a prominent role. After Kurapika killed one of their members, the Troupe’s reaction was fierce and immediate, reflecting the familial bond they share and their unwavering commitment to revenge. Similarly, their hunt for Hisoka, who has killed two more of their members, takes on a deeper significance now that the reason for their thirst for vengeance has been revealed.

The Phantom Troupe’s tragic origin story is likely to have significant repercussions for the group in future chapters of the manga. As the Troupe continues to pursue their quest for revenge, it is likely that more members will fall, deepening the already tragic dimension of their story. However, the new depth and complexity added to their characters is sure to make their journey all the more compelling for fans of Hunter x Hunter.

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