Fairy Tail’s Natsu voice actor joins My Hero Academia as the Sixth OFA User

Deku in MHA (Image via Studio Bones)

In the ongoing Season 6 of My Hero Academia, the story continues to unfold at a captivating pace, delivering just the right amount of revelations in each episode as it follows the manga’s narrative. Among the numerous significant developments, one particular revelation stands out prominently in recent episodes—the introduction of the former user of One For All.

As depicted in the previous episode, Deku finds himself able to communicate with the past users of his quirk in a dream-like dimension while he remains unconscious in the real world. Within this ethereal realm, he engages with most of the previous One For All users, delving deeper into the history and secrets surrounding his extraordinary power.

The introduction of new abilities at this juncture holds immense importance, as Deku embarks on a mission to purge society of malevolent forces, propelled by the revelations and realizations that surfaced during his interaction with the past users. This pivotal moment also heralds the arrival of En, the sixth user of One For All, portrayed by none other than the esteemed voice actor behind Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail. Read on to discover the implications of this exciting development.

En in My Hero Academia (Image via Studio Bones)

With the addition of En as the sixth user of One For All, a fresh cast member has been introduced to the ardent followers of My Hero Academia. Tetsuya Kakihara, renowned for his remarkable portrayal of Natsu, as well as his notable roles in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Maid-Sama, and more, assumes the role of En in the series.

En, the sixth recipient of One For All, received the mantle from Daigoro Banjo, bestowing upon him not only the immense power of One For All but also his own distinct quirk known as Smokescreen. The Smokescreen quirk enables En to emit a dense cloud of smoke from his body, frequently employed to obstruct the line of sight of attackers. This ability proves invaluable during high-risk situations, serving as an effective tool for evacuation maneuvers due to its wide coverage.

While Smokescreen can be highly advantageous in rescue operations, it may pose challenges in combat scenarios, potentially rendering the user disoriented if an excessive amount of smoke is generated, impairing their vision and compromising their ability to effectively engage in battle.

Deku's New Arc (Image via Studio Bones)

The inclusion of En holds significant implications for Deku’s character arc and the overall progression of My Hero Academia. As Season 6 unfolds, the reappearance of the previous One For All users during Deku’s coma, subsequent to the events of the Paranormal Liberation War arc, delivers crucial insights into his own identity, the nature of his quirk, and the adversaries he will confront.

In his interaction with the former users, Deku learns that both Daigoro and En previously endured having their quirks stolen by All For One not once, but twice. Furthermore, this interaction provides deeper insights into the personalities and quirks of Daigoro, En, Hikage, and the roles they play in the grand tapestry of My Hero Academia.

The significance of En and his Smokescreen quirk is expected to assume a prominent role in the upcoming Dark Hero Arc, as Deku faces the challenges that lie ahead. En’s abilities, in tandem with Hikage’s quirks, will undoubtedly contribute to Deku’s growth and assist him in overcoming the trials that await him.

Moving on to Episode 19 of My Hero Academia, viewers were treated to the return of the formidable villain, Muscular. The episode showcased an intense clash between Deku and Muscular, with the latter embodying superhuman strength. It is during this confrontation that Deku employs En’s Smokescreen quirk for the first time, further showcasing the significance of this newly introduced ability.

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Through his interactions with En, Deku gains a deeper understanding of the importance of mastering his quirk. He realizes that he holds immense respect for the previous users and their quirks, viewing them not merely as tools for gaining an advantage in battle, but as integral parts of his own journey. As the series progresses, En is expected to make subsequent appearances, serving as a guiding force for Deku’s growth and development.

As Season 6 continues to captivate audiences with its compelling storyline and character arcs, the introduction of En, the voice actor Tetsuya Kakihara, and the Smokescreen quirk promise to enhance the depth and excitement of My Hero Academia’s narrative, providing fans with thrilling adventures and new insights into the extraordinary world of heroes and villains.

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