Debunking the Disney Pixar Edgar Movie Meme: Separating Fact from Fiction

Claims of Disney and Pixar creating an Edgar movie debunked (Image via LuisValLe_A and _mmagallanes/X)

Recently, an intriguing claim about a purported Disney Pixar movie based on “Edgar’s fall” has taken the internet by storm, prompting a thorough fact-checking process. The sensation began with the rapid spread of an animated movie poster across various social media platforms, suggesting that Disney and Pixar were collaborating on a film centered around the viral video of a young boy’s misadventure. The poster depicted a rotund child, clad in a red t-shirt, plunging into a stream with an expression of horror on his face, with the name “Edgar” prominently featured. One such poster was shared by @_mmagallanes, who captioned it with “This one is still good,” garnering over 11K views as of the time of this writing.

Another poster that contributed to the widespread circulation of this claim featured an older boy grasping onto a tree branch in what appeared to be a forest with a waterfall in the background. The phrase “ya, güey,” which translates to “enough, dude” in Spanish, was incorporated into the poster, seemingly alluding to the popular video incident involving Edgar.

Despite the convincing nature of these images, it is important to clarify that there is no factual basis to the claim of a Disney Pixar movie inspired by “Edgar’s fall.” Notably, neither Disney nor Pixar has made any official announcements or statements regarding the development of such a project. The absence of any related information on the official social media handles of these companies further confirms the lack of credibility behind these circulating posters.

‘Caust poster takes social media by storm (Image via X)

Upon closer scrutiny by online users, a watermark bearing the tag @LuisValLe was detected on one of the posters, indicating that these images were likely the result of user-generated content rather than official promotional material from Disney or Pixar. It is common for social media platforms to witness the proliferation of such hoaxes and misinformation, often initiated for temporary fame or attention-seeking purposes.

It is imperative for individuals to cross-verify such information through reliable and credible news sources before accepting it as legitimate. Similar incidents in the past have seen false claims regarding Disney and Pixar’s involvement in projects associated with Mexican pop culture, such as a movie based on the Battle of Culiacanazo and Chalino Sanchez, which were later debunked.

The source of this internet sensation, the “Edgar’s fall” video, initially gained widespread attention across Latin American communities, amassing over 24 million views on YouTube. For those unfamiliar with the context, “Edgar’s fall” refers to a viral video captured at a hiking ranch in Monterrey, Mexico, back in May 2006. The footage showcases Edgar cautiously attempting to navigate a stream using a tree branch as a bridge, only to be playfully interrupted by his cousin Fernando, who jostles the branch, leading to Edgar’s expletive-laden reaction and subsequent plunge into the water.

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