Darker Alternate Ending for ‘The Lion King’

It’s no secret that Disney movies can sometimes delve into dark and dramatic territory. A quick glance across the internet and you’ll come across numerous lists highlighting the scariest, most melancholic moments that have emerged from the magical world of Disney. It’s a place where parents often meet tragic fates, and villains regularly face grim demises, often in rather brutal ways. These are moments that can leave a lasting impression of fear, especially on young children. The reason behind these dark undertones in Disney’s storytelling can often be traced back to the source material, some of which are significantly darker than the adaptations we see on screen. Even when Disney crafts an original story, it’s not immune to exploring some pretty twisted themes.

One iconic Disney movie that isn’t immune to these dark undertones is “The Lion King.” Released in 1994, this timeless classic is beloved by many and is often ranked among the top five Disney films. Loosely inspired by William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” (some would argue it shares more similarities with “The History of Henry IV”), “The Lion King” is more than just a heartwarming tale of a young lion’s journey to reclaim his rightful place as king. It has its fair share of dark and disturbing moments lurking beneath the surface. Of course, the most notable is the heart-wrenching death of Mufasa, who is thrown off a cliff and trampled by wildebeests. And let’s not forget the grisly fate that befalls the film’s main antagonist, Scar, who gets mauled to death by his own hyena henchmen.

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The final showdown between Simba and Scar is also a surprisingly intense and dramatic sequence. As Scar’s villainous schemes are exposed, he finds himself atop Pride Rock, which is engulfed in flames. What follows is an epic battle between Simba and the treacherous Scar, the consequences of which are nothing short of dire. This showdown can be considered one of the most intense and impactful villain demises in Disney history.

For those who want a glimpse into the “what could have been” world of “The Lion King,” the film’s multiple Blu-ray and special editions offer a look at some alternate scenes and endings. Of particular interest is the alternate ending, which mirrors the final showdown on Pride Rock. However, in this version, Simba doesn’t emerge victorious; instead, he is left teetering dangerously on the edge of Pride Rock, only to be thrown off by Scar, who chillingly exclaims “Goodnight, sweet prince” in a direct reference to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” Scar, consumed by the flames, triumphantly laughs, believing he has won. While this ending deviates from the “Hamlet” source material, it was deemed too dark and less climactic for the final film.

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But the alternate ending wasn’t the only dark and twisted scene left on the cutting room floor. In a deleted scene, Scar’s sinister character would have been explored further as he decides to take Nala as his queen, a move that would have made her his mate, even though she was Simba’s childhood friend. This deleted scene serves as a chilling testament to Scar’s villainy, making it clear that “The Lion King” could have taken an even darker turn.

Although these darker and alternate takes were ultimately left out of the film’s final version, they weren’t forgotten. In fact, as “The Lion King” evolved into a franchise, some of these ideas resurfaced. The successful stage adaptation of the movie, which continues to run on Broadway and the West End, includes “The Madness of King Scar,” a sequence that explores Scar’s obsession with Nala. Additionally, the 2019 remake of “The Lion King” incorporated final battles that share similarities with the alternate ending, albeit with some notable variations, such as Scar meeting his demise at the hands of his henchmen.

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The journey to the final version of “The Lion King” was indeed a transformative one. While many initially drew comparisons to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” the film’s original concept was closer to “Bambi,” set in Africa. It aimed to tell a more realistic story, devoid of magical elements and kooky baboon shamans. It was essentially a narrative about an animal finding his place as the leader of his habitat, albeit set in the savannah instead of a forest. However, during the brainstorming process, the creative team realized that their ideas were taking a more Shakespearean turn, drawing inspiration from works such as “Henry IV” and “Macbeth.” The result was a film that infused the gravitas and drama of Shakespearean literature into the enchanting world of “The Lion King,” creating a timeless masterpiece filled with memorable and impactful moments.

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