7 Pinocchio Characters Perfect for Lies of P DLC Bosses

Lies of P draws heavily from its source material, The Adventures of Pinocchio, yet it seems to have overlooked the inclusion of several compelling characters that could have added depth and excitement to the game’s narrative. While the existing cast of villains and bosses in the game is extensive and engaging, the absence of certain key personalities from Collodi’s classic tale is a missed opportunity for the developers to expand upon the richness of the original story.

One such character is the Farmer, known as Giangio in some translations, who could potentially make for an intriguing boss encounter in the DLC. The addition of the Farmer and his watchdog Melampo as a formidable duo could present players with a challenging and intense battle, amplifying the game’s thrill and suspense. Furthermore, the incorporation of the Parrot, a cunning and manipulative character in the source material, could introduce an intriguing dynamic, provoking players with deceptive tactics and psychological warfare.

The Ringmaster, although relatively obscure in the original narrative, possesses the potential to serve as a captivating boss within the Lies of P universe. Building upon his role as the purchaser of Pinocchio from the Coachman, the Ringmaster could offer a fresh perspective on the game’s storyline, providing players with a deeper exploration of the dark underbelly of the game’s setting. Similarly, the inclusion of the Serpent, with its mesmerizing appearance and potential for visually stunning gameplay, could add an extra layer of complexity to the game’s boss encounters.

The absence of the Coachman, a central antagonist in Collodi’s tale, is particularly surprising, considering his pivotal role in the narrative’s development. His ability to transform disobedient children into donkeys, as depicted in the original story, could present players with a compelling challenge, emphasizing the game’s thematic exploration of moral dilemmas and consequences. Similarly, the character of Mangiafuoco, the conflicted director of the Great Marionette Theater, could offer players a multifaceted boss battle experience, delving into themes of internal conflict and moral ambiguity.

One of the most noticeable omissions from the game is the Terrible Dogfish, a formidable sea creature that plays a crucial role in the novel’s climax. The absence of this imposing adversary is a missed opportunity to introduce players to an exhilarating late-game challenge, providing an epic showdown that embodies the essence of the original story’s climax. Incorporating the Terrible Dogfish could serve as a thrilling finale to the game, immersing players in a pulse-pounding encounter that tests their skills and strategic prowess.

By integrating these notable characters from The Adventures of Pinocchio into the world of Lies of P, the game’s developers could offer players a more comprehensive and immersive gameplay experience. Capitalizing on the rich source material and its diverse cast of characters, the DLC has the potential to deepen the game’s narrative, enhance its thematic exploration, and provide players with a captivating and unforgettable gaming experience.

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