China prohibits ‘Darling in the Franxx’ and other anime series

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China has recently imposed a ban on the highly anticipated anime series “DARLING in the FRANXX,” co-produced by Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures, along with another show called “Slow Start,” causing quite a stir among fans and critics alike. The primary reason for this ban revolves around the explicit and suggestive content present in both series.

The decision to remove “DARLING in the FRANXX” and “Slow Start” from Chinese streaming sites was revealed through a post on Chinese social media, which gained attention after being shared on Reddit. While the official statement regarding the ban lacks specific details, insights from Chinese users on Reddit suggest that the explicit nature of the content led to the removal of these shows.

The controversy surrounding “DARLING in the FRANXX” stems from a recent episode that introduced a rather provocative scene. It unveiled a peculiar requirement for piloting the show’s titular mechs, known as Franxx, where a male protagonist must physically interact with his female partner by grabbing her rear end to initiate the control mechanism. This scene, which many deem inappropriate, has seemingly played a significant role in the ban.

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Surprisingly, “Slow Start” shares the same fate as “DARLING in the FRANXX,” despite its seemingly innocent premise. The series follows a main character who, after failing an exam due to mumps, forms friendships with girls one year younger than her while concealing her true age. Although the storyline may not inherently suggest explicit content, the show apparently includes suggestive situations that have been deemed unsuitable for Chinese audiences.

For those interested in watching these banned series, they can still be accessed through international streaming platforms like Crunchyroll and FunimationNOW. Crunchyroll’s description of “DARLING in the FRANXX” offers a glimpse into the captivating futuristic world it portrays, where humanity resides in a mobile fort city called Plantation, battling enigmatic colossal organisms known as Kyoryu using the FRANXX mechs. The story primarily revolves around Code number 016, Hiro, a former prodigy who has lost his value and Zero Two, a mysterious girl with captivating horns who appears in his life.

The collaboration between Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures has generated immense interest and anticipation for “DARLING in the FRANXX.” Renowned industry professionals are involved in its production, including Atsushi Nishigori as the director, Toshifumi Akai as the assistant director, Masayoshi Tanaka as the character designer, Shigeto Koyama as the mechanical designer, and Hiroyuki Imaishi overseeing the action. Additionally, the opening theme song, “Kiss of Death,” is a joint effort between acclaimed artists Mika Nakashima and Hyde.

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Furthermore, fans of the series were delighted when Kentaro Yabuki, the creator of popular manga titles like “Black Cat” and “To Love Ru,” launched a manga adaptation of “DARLING in the FRANXX” on January 14, adding another dimension to the franchise.

While the ban on “DARLING in the FRANXX” and “Slow Start” in China may disappoint some viewers, the availability of these series on international platforms ensures that fans worldwide can still enjoy these captivating anime shows, which have garnered significant attention for their unique premises and talented production teams.

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