Book Offers Hints About Plot of Upcoming Pixar Sequel, Inside Out 2

Fear, Disgust, Anger, Inside Out

Fresh details about Inside Out 2 have come to light through an Amazon listing for the movie’s novelization. As the release of Inside Out 2 draws nearer, fans are eager to see if it can revive Pixar’s box-office performance after a recent slump. While there’s limited information available at this stage, a preliminary plot summary has surfaced as part of an Amazon listing for a middle-grade book adaptation of the film. This novel is set to hit shelves in May, approximately one month ahead of Inside Out 2’s scheduled June release, aligning with Disney’s traditional strategy of releasing middle-grade adaptations in advance.

One exciting revelation for fans is that Riley, the central character, appears to be undergoing emotional development in the sequel. The listing hints at the introduction of new emotions and characters in a “deep dive into Riley’s mind.” This development makes sense as Riley has likely aged, and her brain is likely undergoing different stages of development this time around.

Here’s an excerpt from the listing:

“Get ready for another emotional rollercoaster with Riley and all her Emotions! This story takes a deep dive into Riley’s mind, exploring characters—both familiar and new—along with their exciting adventures.”

Emotions from the Pixar film 'Inside Out' (left to right: Anger, Disgust, Fear, Joy, and Sadness)

Inside Out 2 marks the sixth Pixar franchise to receive a sequel, following the footsteps of successful films like Cars, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and Monsters, Inc. Although Pixar has revisited the Inside Out universe in the form of several shorts featuring Riley and her emotions, this upcoming sequel’s plot and returning cast members from the original film remain shrouded in mystery.

The original Inside Out featured an ensemble cast that included Phyllis Smith, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black, and Bill Hader, among others. The story revolved around anthropomorphic emotions vying for control of Riley’s brain as she struggled to adapt to a move. The film achieved substantial global success, grossing over $850 million worldwide and ranking among Pixar’s top-grossing movies. Considering that some Pixar sequels, such as Toy Story and The Incredibles, outperformed their predecessors, Disney has high hopes for Inside Out 2’s potential to captivate audiences.

Joy looking into Riley's memory

Disney and Pixar have faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, with some Pixar movies bypassing traditional theaters and heading straight to Disney+ to navigate the evolving film landscape. While the initial performance of Elemental may have been softer than desired, it has demonstrated resilience and outperformed competitors, providing a positive outlook for Disney’s evolving strategy in the streaming age.

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