Awkwafina aspires to join Star Wars or a live-action Raya the Last Dragon

Awkwafina, known for her role in The Little Mermaid, engages in a conversation that delves into the possibility of her involvement in both the Star Wars franchise and a live-action adaptation of Raya and the Last Dragon. With an impressive Disney portfolio, including her portrayal of Sisu, the mystical Dragon in Raya and the Last Dragon, her character Katy in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and now her forthcoming performance as Scuttle in The Little Mermaid’s live-action rendition, Awkwafina appears to be forging an exceptional bond with the Disney brand.

During an exclusive interview conducted by Screen Rant in connection with The Little Mermaid, Awkwafina shares her musings on potentially entering the Star Wars universe or witnessing a live-action interpretation of Raya and the Last Dragon. In a playfully imaginative gesture, she playfully pitches herself as the romantic counterpart to Baby Yoda, an adorable and beloved character from The Mandalorian, effectively adding a touch of humor to the discussion. Simultaneously, she expresses a genuine interest in the notion of a live-action Raya and the Last Dragon, while also acknowledging the striking realism that the original animation of the film managed to convey. Awkwafina’s candid remarks showcase her enthusiasm and appreciation for being part of projects that hold such significance.

While there isn’t any official confirmation regarding Awkwafina’s involvement in upcoming Star Wars productions or the development of a live-action adaptation of Raya and the Last Dragon, her existing ties with Disney appear to be robust. The innate ability she possesses to seamlessly blend comedic timing with wit has consistently proven her prowess as an asset to any ensemble cast, as evidenced by her contributions to several successful blockbusters. Given this track record, the notion of Awkwafina’s continued collaboration with Disney feels not only plausible but perhaps even inevitable. Furthermore, considering the frequent utilization of cameos within the Star Wars universe, her potential appearance in the franchise could be an exciting possibility on the horizon.

Though Awkwafina’s suggestion of portraying Baby Yoda’s romantic interest in The Mandalorian was presented in a lighthearted manner, it’s not entirely implausible. Her vibrant personality and quick-witted humor align well with the spirit of the Star Wars universe, and the camaraderie between her and fellow actor Amy Sedaris’ character, Pelli Moto, could potentially yield a delightful on-screen duo.

Turning to the topic of a live-action adaptation of Raya and the Last Dragon, the prospects seem intriguing, particularly in light of Disney’s growing commitment to translating their beloved animated classics into the live-action format. While the initial wave of adaptations primarily focused on Disney’s timeless classics, the recent announcement of a live-action Moana adaptation suggests that more recent projects could also be in consideration for this transition. Raya and the Last Dragon, with its captivating blend of fantasy, action, and heartfelt storytelling, appears to be an excellent candidate to join the ranks of live-action Disney adaptations, marking an exploration of a new genre for the studio.

In sum, Awkwafina’s evolving relationship with Disney, coupled with her ability to effortlessly navigate between comedy and more intense scenes, positions her as a prime contender for future Star Wars projects and even a potential live-action version of Raya and the Last Dragon. Her passion for expanding her repertoire while contributing to Disney’s dynamic range of offerings hints at a bright and diverse future within the entertainment powerhouse.

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