A $500 million flop is topping Netflix charts six years after its release

Despite its modest critical reception with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 53%, The Boss Baby, an animated film by DreamWorks, has resurged on Netflix, maintaining a position in the platform’s Global Top 10 films for a noteworthy nine consecutive weeks. This resurgence is particularly remarkable given the movie’s original release six years ago. In the week of June 19 through June 25, 2023, The Boss Baby secured the eighth spot in the Global Top 10, boasting an impressive 4.5 million hours viewed.

The enduring popularity of The Boss Baby can be traced back to its box office success, grossing over $500 million globally. This financial achievement not only spurred the creation of a sequel, The Boss Baby: Family Business, released in 2021, but also paved the way for Netflix adaptations, including The Boss Baby: Back in Business, which takes place between the events of the first and second films. Adding to this, Netflix premiered The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib season 2 on April 13, 2023.

The continued presence of The Boss Baby in Netflix’s Top 10 highlights the unexpected longevity of the franchise. The streaming success of The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib season 2, released just a few months ago, suggests that the film’s enduring popularity may be connected to a new generation of viewers discovering the franchise through the latest series. This unconventional trend raises the possibility that the persistent interest in The Boss Baby may be indicative of preparations for a potential third installment in the franchise.

In essence, The Boss Baby’s sustained presence in Netflix’s Global Top 10 underscores the resilience and enduring appeal of this animated franchise. Despite its initial release years ago, the strategic combination of box office success, sequels, and streaming adaptations has kept The Boss Baby relevant and popular, hinting at a continued legacy for this unconventional animated hit.

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