10 Unpleasant Truths About Revisiting Daredevil & The Defenders Saga Four Years Later

  1. Character Absence: Some beloved characters, like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, may not have made appearances in newer MCU projects, leaving gaps in the overall storyline.
  2. Canceled and Unresolved: One of the hardest realities to accept is that these series were abruptly canceled, leaving numerous plotlines and character arcs unresolved. Questions left hanging can be frustrating.
  3. Standalone Status: Understanding that these shows are no longer considered part of the official MCU continuity can be a letdown for fans who enjoyed the interconnected storytelling.
  4. Aging Effects: Since the series ended, both the actors and their characters have aged, which can be more noticeable when watching the earlier seasons. This can affect the viewing experience, especially if you’re used to seeing them as timeless superheroes.
  5. Nostalgia vs. Evolution: While revisiting the shows can be a nostalgic trip down memory lane, it’s essential to acknowledge that the streaming landscape has evolved. Newer Marvel shows have set higher production and storytelling standards, which may make the older series seem less polished in comparison.
  6. Plot Inconsistencies: Revisiting the series may reveal plot inconsistencies or changes in character dynamics that were not apparent during the initial viewing.
  7. No Continuation: Realizing that there are no plans for a direct continuation of these specific storylines can be a letdown, especially when certain unresolved plot threads begged for further exploration.
  8. Legacy Characters: Some actors have reprised their roles in other MCU projects, but these appearances may be limited, leaving fans wanting more of their favorite heroes.
  9. Streaming Service Shifts: Recognizing that the Marvel shows originally aired on Netflix, which has since shifted its focus, adds a layer of nostalgia and the realization that the era of these particular shows has come to an end.
  10. New Marvel Endeavors: The MCU has expanded significantly since these series ended, with new heroes, villains, and overarching storylines. While these older shows hold a special place in fans’ hearts, the MCU’s evolution has created exciting new narratives to explore.

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