10 Anime Worthy of a Sequel

  1. “Darling in the Franxx” – This popular mecha anime created a significant impact when it first aired, leaving fans craving for more. Its unique blend of romance, action, and intricate storytelling captivated audiences. A second season could further explore the mysteries of the dystopian world, delve deeper into character relationships, and provide a satisfying conclusion.
  2. “Noragami” – With its engaging storyline and charismatic characters, “Noragami” gained a dedicated fanbase. The anime’s blend of supernatural elements, humor, and emotional depth left viewers wanting to see more adventures of the stray god Yato, his companions, and their quest to find purpose and forge their destinies.
  3. “No Game No Life” – This fantasy series impressed viewers with its strategic gameplay and vibrant animation. The story follows two siblings transported to a world ruled by games, where they must use their intellect to conquer challenges. A second season would allow fans to continue exploring the intricate game world and witness the protagonists’ growth.
  4. “Spice and Wolf” – Known for its unique blend of romance and economics, “Spice and Wolf” enchanted audiences with the relationship between the traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence and the wolf deity Holo. A new season could further develop their dynamic and explore the complexities of their journey across a medieval world.
  5. “Ouran High School Host Club” – This beloved romantic comedy showcased a group of eccentric high school hosts and their interactions with the ordinary student Haruhi. With its humor, endearing characters, and clever parody of the shojo genre, fans eagerly anticipate a continuation to witness more hilarious and heartwarming moments.
  6. “Akatsuki no Yona” (Yona of the Dawn) – Based on the popular manga, this historical fantasy series follows the princess Yona on her quest for revenge and the gathering of the legendary Dragon Warriors. The first season ended with many unresolved plotlines, leaving fans eager for a second season to witness Yona’s growth and the intensification of the political conflicts in the kingdom.
  7. “Kekkai Sensen” (Blood Blockade Battlefront) – Set in a chaotic city inhabited by humans and supernatural beings, “Kekkai Sensen” impressed with its stylish animation, unique characters, and action-packed narrative. A continuation would allow for further exploration of the city’s mysteries, character development, and thrilling battles.
  8. “D.Gray-man” – This dark fantasy series revolves around the war between exorcists and demonic creatures known as Akuma. Fans eagerly await another season to continue following the protagonist Allen Walker’s journey, unravel the secrets of the Millennium Earl, and witness the epic battles between good and evil.
  9. “Pandora Hearts” – Adapted from the manga, “Pandora Hearts” combines mystery, fantasy, and gothic elements in a tale centered around a young man named Oz and his encounters with the enigmatic organization known as Pandora. With its complex plot and rich world-building, fans yearn for a second season to further unravel the intricate web of mysteries.
  10. “Barakamon” – This heartwarming slice-of-life anime follows a calligrapher named Seishuu Handa as he retreats to a rural island to find inspiration. The show’s charm lies in its endearing characters, humor, and messages of self-discovery. A new season would allow fans to witness Seishuu’s continued growth and the heartwarming interactions with the island’s residents.

These ten anime series have left a lasting impression on fans, who eagerly hope for another season to delve deeper into their captivating worlds, characters, and narratives.

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