Wish Director Suggests Disney Might Revisit 2D Animation

The co-director of Disney’s latest animated film, “Wish,” Chris Buck, has indicated that the studio is actively considering a return to 2D animation for its forthcoming projects. This revelation comes amid Disney’s predominant use of 3D animation in recent years, prominently seen in successful franchises like Toy Story and Cars. When asked about the potential resurgence of 2D animation, Buck expressed enthusiasm, stating, “I think, absolutely.” He elaborated that “Wish” drew inspiration from the rich legacy of 2D animation, and the film’s visual style incorporated elements reminiscent of 2D, evident in the lines on the characters.

Buck revealed that early tests for the lead character, Star, in “Wish” were explored in 2D animation. While Disney has embraced the technological advancements and visual appeal of 3D animation, the history of the studio’s animation department is deeply rooted in the charm and storytelling magic of 2D animation. Numerous iconic Disney classics, such as Snow White and Cinderella, were brought to life using traditional 2D techniques.

Discussing the unique visual style of “Wish,” Buck noted, “The nice thing is, we started with some shorts, you got Paperman and Feast and Far From the Tree that sort of explored the look that we adapted, and we kept evolving. We had never done it in full feature before. So that was going to be a challenge. I would say absolutely. You just don’t know what the next thing is going to be.”

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This potential shift in Disney’s animation approach is indicative of the studio’s commitment to innovation and a willingness to explore different artistic mediums. As the animation landscape continues to evolve, the blending of 2D and 3D animation might become a distinctive feature of Disney’s future projects. The studio’s openness to rediscovering the nostalgic charm of 2D animation suggests an exciting and dynamic future for Disney’s animation department, balancing the legacy of the past with the technological advancements of the present.

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