Why Pixar Should Make Monsters Inc. 3 a Horror Film

“Why Pixar Should Make Monsters Inc. 3 a Horror Film”

The iconic Pixar franchise centered around the world of monsters lurking in children’s closets has been a beloved classic since its inception. Pixar, renowned for its pioneering animation, burst into the limelight with its groundbreaking film “Toy Story” in 1995 and has continued to make cinematic history with a string of beloved hits.

While Pixar’s storytelling formula has consistently propelled its movies to the Academy Awards and into the hearts of billions, there’s always room for change, even for major movie studios. One opportunity for Pixar to shake things up lies in its “Monsters Inc.” franchise. This classic film taps into the traditional fear that children have of monsters hiding in their closets.

“Monsters Inc.” introduced audiences to a charming cast of monsters, but it was Boo, the young child, who arguably stole the show. The film’s plot revolves around Boo, who accidentally ends up in the monster world, leading to an adventure where she captures the hearts of monsters like James “Sully” Sullivan and Mike Wazowski. The monsters soon realize that children are not to be feared, sparking a mission to change the way they gather energy.

Yet, after two films, it’s evident that Pixar’s monsters aren’t genuinely “scary.” They are lovable creatures with their quirks but lack the true horror element. Sully may appear intimidating, but he’s far from terrifying, with his cuddly appearance and warm smile. Likewise, Mike is a one-eyed, green, and jovial character.

“Monsters University” humorously admits that the monsters are not particularly scary. It’s evident that the Monsters franchise could use an update, and while a third installment isn’t confirmed, it’s highly anticipated. Here’s why “Monsters Inc. 3” should be Pixar’s first foray into the horror genre.

Pixar’s First Mature Film: Pixar has been synonymous with family-friendly animation, but that doesn’t mean they must remain exclusively so. Just as Pixar has pushed the boundaries of technology, it can also push the boundaries of storytelling. “Monsters Inc. 3” offers the perfect opportunity to create a more mature film while staying true to their formula. While it doesn’t need to be rated R, it can explore darker themes without crossing into inappropriate territory.

The Pixar Formula Still Works: The core of a Pixar film involves a protagonist with a strong desire, obstacles preventing them from reaching their goal (typically an antagonist), and an emotional arc leading to personal growth. “Monsters Inc. 3” already has all the necessary ingredients for this formula. The story could revolve around Sully and Mike’s quest to find Boo, who has been separated from them. Their journey would be marked by desperation, a confrontation with an old nemesis, and ultimately, personal growth as they learn to love humans.

In conclusion, while the idea of a horror-themed “Monsters Inc. 3” might seem wild, it presents Pixar with an exciting opportunity to expand its storytelling horizons. By staying true to its storytelling formula and exploring darker themes, Pixar can create a film that is both terrifying and emotionally resonant, pushing the boundaries of what animated films can achieve.

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