Understanding Hakkai’s Redemption in Tokyo Revengers

Hakkai in Tokyo Revengers initially appeared carefree and friendly, but carried guilt for not standing up to his brother Taiju. Here’s how he overcame it.

Hakkai Shiba was introduced in Tokyo Revengers as a skilled athlete with natural strength. He held the position of Vice-Captain in the Tokyo Manji Gang and greatly admired his captain, Takashi Mitsuya. However, his relationship with his siblings, particularly his abusive brother Taiju, caused him immense suffering. In the Christmas Showdown Arc, Hakkai faced his demons and found redemption.

Taiju dominated the family dynamic, subjecting Hakkai and their sister Yuzuha to physical abuse. Yuzuha even took beatings on Hakkai’s behalf, worsening Taiju’s mistreatment of her. This led to Hakkai’s guilt and inability to confront his brother. However, when confronted by Black Dragon members and Taiju’s attack on Takemichi, Hakkai made a pact to leave Tokyo Manji Gang and join Black Dragon to spare Takemichi’s life. Determined to change the future, Hakkai planned to confront and defeat his brother.

During the intense battle at the church, Hakkai initially struggled to face Taiju directly. With the support of Takemichi, Mitsuya, and Chifuyu, Hakkai found the strength to fight back. He realized his failures, sought forgiveness from his gang members, and confronted Taiju head-on. Despite being knocked down, Hakkai continued to fight, ultimately leading to Taiju’s defeat with the help of Mikey and Draken. This marked a significant closure for Hakkai, as he accepted his past mistakes and protected his loved ones with his own strength.

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