Top Non-Disney Animated Musicals, Ranked

  1. “Shrek” (2001) – This DreamWorks Animation film revolutionized the animated musical genre with its irreverent humor, memorable characters, and iconic soundtrack featuring songs like “All Star” by Smash Mouth and “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.
  2. “Anastasia” (1997) – Produced by 20th Century Fox Animation, “Anastasia” is a captivating retelling of the Russian princess’s story, complete with beautiful animation, a sweeping score, and standout musical numbers like “Once Upon a December” and “Journey to the Past.”
  3. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993) – Directed by Henry Selick and produced by Tim Burton, this stop-motion masterpiece blends elements of Halloween and Christmas to deliver a darkly enchanting musical experience, highlighted by Danny Elfman’s hauntingly beautiful compositions.
  4. “The Prince of Egypt” (1998) – DreamWorks Animation’s epic retelling of the biblical story of Moses features stunning animation, powerful storytelling, and a breathtaking musical score by Hans Zimmer and Stephen Schwartz, including the Academy Award-winning song “When You Believe.”
  5. “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut” (1999) – Based on the popular animated TV series, this film pushes the boundaries of satire and musical comedy with its outrageous humor and catchy songs, tackling controversial topics while delivering laughs and social commentary.
  6. “The Lion King” (1994) – While technically produced by Disney, “The Lion King” was created by Walt Disney Feature Animation and released under the Disney banner. However, it’s worth mentioning due to its cultural significance and impact on the animated musical genre.
  7. “Coraline” (2009) – Directed by Henry Selick and based on Neil Gaiman’s novella, “Coraline” is a dark and visually stunning stop-motion film that weaves a mesmerizing tale of adventure and self-discovery, complemented by an atmospheric score and haunting musical sequences.
  8. “Rock-a-Doodle” (1991) – This animated musical comedy from Sullivan Bluth Studios follows a young boy’s journey into a fantastical world where anthropomorphic animals belt out lively tunes, blending elements of fantasy, adventure, and music in a unique and entertaining way.
  9. “Happy Feet” (2006) – Directed by George Miller, “Happy Feet” is a heartwarming and visually stunning film about a penguin who can’t sing but finds his voice through dance. Featuring a soundtrack of popular songs and original compositions, it’s a toe-tapping musical adventure for all ages.
  10. “Sita Sings the Blues” (2008) – This independent animated film by Nina Paley reimagines the epic Indian tale of the Ramayana through a contemporary lens, incorporating jazz recordings by Annette Hanshaw to create a unique and captivating musical experience.

These animated musicals offer a diverse range of storytelling, animation styles, and musical compositions, proving that Disney isn’t the only studio capable of creating magical and memorable musical adventures.

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