Tokyo Revengers volume 31 leaves fans with a puzzle containing a way to contact Mikey

Mikey as seen in the series

Tokyo Revengers’ final volume, released on January 17, surprises fans with a special feature that allows them to contact the beloved character Mikey. The manga series concluded in November 2022, but spinoff manga and an ongoing anime continue to expand the franchise.

The 31st volume presents readers with a puzzle within the storyline, where protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki seeks help in deciphering a note that contains an email address. Fans must solve the puzzle by following clues throughout the volume. Upon entering the correct email address on the designated website, readers will receive a message from Mikey, though it’s unclear whether it will be an audio or text message.

The puzzle also serves as promotion for the Tokyo Revengers-themed escape room in Shibuya, launching on January 24, 2023. In the escape room, participants step into Takemichi’s shoes and must solve puzzles within a time limit to save Mikey and others from a tragic fate.

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Additionally, creator Ken Wakui has plans for a “special arc” in the manga around November 2023, and a Tokyo Revengers Extra spinoff manga will be serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Details about these projects’ storylines have yet to be revealed.

The anime adaptation of Tokyo Revengers is currently airing the Christmas Showdown arc, which is highly regarded among fans for its gripping storyline. Fans are hopeful that the anime will faithfully capture the essence of the manga or even enhance its events.

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