Tokyo Revengers Season 3 introduces 6 new characters in the Tenjiku arc

Izana Kurokawa as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Liden Films)

In Tokyo Revengers Season 3, viewers can expect the introduction of six new characters in the Tenjiku arc. These characters bring fresh dynamics and storylines to the series, adding depth and excitement to the narrative. Here is a detailed list of the new characters:

  1. Taiju Shiba: Taiju is a prominent member of the Tenjiku faction and plays a crucial role in the power struggles within the gang. With his imposing presence and strategic mind, he quickly becomes a formidable adversary for the protagonist, Takemichi.
  2. Yasuhiro Muto: Yasuhiro, also known as “Baji,” is a central figure in the Tenjiku arc. As the former vice-captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang’s first division, he brings a complex past and conflicting loyalties to the story. His actions and decisions heavily impact the course of events in Season 3.
  3. Hanma: Hanma is a formidable fighter associated with the Tenjiku faction. With his imposing physique and combat skills, he becomes a significant obstacle for Takemichi and his allies. Hanma’s presence raises the stakes and intensifies the action-packed sequences in the arc.
  4. Izana Kurokawa: Izana is a mysterious character who holds a key position within the Tenjiku gang. Known for his enigmatic nature and intelligence, he possesses crucial information that becomes instrumental in the unfolding events. Izana’s motives and alliances add layers of intrigue to the storyline.
  5. Kazutora Hanemiya: Kazutora is a troubled character who has a complex relationship with the Tokyo Manji Gang. His troubled past and personal demons make him both a sympathetic and unpredictable presence. His actions and choices become pivotal in shaping the narrative of Season 3.
  6. Kakucho Sano: Kakucho is a member of the Tenjiku faction and a close associate of Taiju Shiba. He is known for his unwavering loyalty and fierce combat skills. As a skilled fighter, he becomes an essential asset for the Tenjiku gang and a formidable opponent for the Tokyo Manji Gang.

These new characters in Tokyo Revengers Season 3 bring a mix of diverse personalities, intricate backstories, and conflicting motivations. Their interactions with the existing characters will undoubtedly create captivating plot developments and thrilling confrontations, ensuring an engaging and enthralling viewing experience for fans of the series.

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