Tokyo Revengers: Kisaki’s True Intentions Towards Takemichi Revealed?

In the thrilling Episode 4 of Tokyo Revengers Season 2, Takemichi faces a critical dilemma as he encounters an unexpected offer of assistance from an unlikely source—Kisaki Tetta. However, with Kisaki’s shady reputation and dubious motives, Takemichi must carefully consider whether he can truly place his trust in this unsuspected ally.

Takemichi, known for his wimpy nature but unwavering determination, embarks on a new mission in Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers. Unlike his previous time-traveling exploits, his objectives are swiftly taking shape. Upon his return to the past, he not only encounters one of his targets almost immediately but also finds himself at the mercy of the arc’s main antagonist. In Episode 4, an intriguing turn of events unfolds as Takemichi is offered help from an unexpected character—Kisaki Tetta. However, the lingering question remains: Is Kisaki’s offer of assistance genuine, or does he have ulterior motives?

Despite his apparent lack of physical prowess, Takemichi has repeatedly proven his ability to alter the course of the future. By the end of Season 1, he evolves from a mere civilian to an integral part of the Tokyo Manji Gang, albeit one that has devolved into a heartless criminal organization. To prevent this grim outcome, Takemichi once again leaps back in time, determined to prevent Black Dragon’s integration into the gang.

The pivotal moment arrives when Hakkai, the brother of Takemichi’s target Taiju, expresses his desire to leave the gang during a conference among division leaders. Mitsuya, a prominent figure within Toman, steps forward to help Hakkai, presenting Taiju with a proposition. The deal proposes that Toman will release Hakkai from their clutches if Taiju ceases his brutal beatings of Yuzuha—an unexpected revelation that sheds light on the twisted dynamic of Taiju’s abusive behavior, which is disguised as an expression of love. This revelation fuels Hakkai’s deep-seated desire to eliminate his brother.

After Takemichi learns of Hakkai’s plans and confides in Chifuyu, memories of Kazutora’s warning from the future resurface. Kazutora had revealed Hakkai’s involvement in the demise of the Black Dragon leader that preceded him. However, Takemichi’s decision to assist Hakkai extends beyond altering the course of events. It stems from a genuine empathy he feels towards the troubled young Shiba. Determined to prevent Hakkai from becoming a murderer, Takemichi shares his plan with the main members of Toman. Unfortunately, their support remains elusive, with only Kisaki surprisingly showing a willingness to assist.

Yet, doubts linger regarding Kisaki’s true intentions. As one of Takemichi’s targets, Kisaki has exhibited a disturbing obsession with him, referring to him as his hero before shooting him. Kisaki’s ascent through Toman’s power rankings, second only to Mikey, showcases his cunning and manipulation. It becomes increasingly challenging to discern whether Kisaki’s actions stem from genuine goodwill or ulterior motives. Given Takemichi’s perceived vulnerability and his past disruptions of Kisaki’s plans, it seems unlikely that Kisaki has any altruistic interest in assisting him. In fact, there is a possibility that Kisaki might be setting a trap for Takemichi or secretly supporting Hakkai’s cause, considering the future integration of Black Dragon back into Toman.

As Takemichi stands at this precarious crossroad, torn between the desire to alter the future and the uncertainty surrounding Kisaki’s true intentions, the stakes continue to rise. The fate of the Tokyo Manji Gang hangs in the balance, and every decision Takemichi makes will have far-reaching consequences. Can he navigate this treacherous landscape and make the right choices that will ultimately shape the destiny of Toman and secure a better future for himself and his friends? Only time will reveal the true nature of Kisaki’s offer, and Takemichi’s path forward.

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