The Game of Thrones creators were as puzzled adapting their new Netflix sci-fi series as Martin’s books

In an exclusive interview, the showrunners of the highly anticipated Netflix adaptation of “3 Body Problem” delve into the complexities of bringing Liu Cixin’s intricate sci-fi trilogy to the screen. Following their monumental success with “Game of Thrones,” David Benioff and D.B. Weiss return to tackle another formidable literary adaptation, accompanied by co-showrunner Alexander Woo, celebrated for his work on “True Blood.”

Reflecting on the challenge, Benioff admits to Total Film that, much like their initial encounter with George R.R. Martin’s epic saga, adapting Cixin’s dense source material wasn’t immediately straightforward. “It was not immediately obvious how [the books] could be turned into a TV show,” he acknowledges. “But we knew that it was different from anything else we’d encountered.”

Woo adds further insight, emphasizing the unique temporal complexities of Cixin’s trilogy, which spans from the present day to far-flung futures across its narrative arc. “One of the things that makes it so challenging is that the timelines of the trilogy are pretty crazy,” Woo explains. “All three do start in the rough present day. And [the] second, third books certainly go far, far, far into the future.”

Their approach to adaptation involves a strategic alignment of characters within the temporal framework of the series. Woo reveals that for the inaugural season, they opted to consolidate characters from various timelines into a contemporaneous setting, facilitating a cohesive narrative structure. “So for our show, it made a lot of sense to have characters who are contemporaneous with each other all be there in season 1, because they all exist in the same time period,” he clarifies.

With the premiere of “3 Body Problem” looming on March 21, anticipation is high for how the show will navigate the intricate narrative threads and mind-bending concepts of Cixin’s acclaimed trilogy. For fans eager to delve deeper into the creative process behind the adaptation and explore more exclusive content, the latest issue of Total Film offers an in-depth look. Whether grabbing a physical copy from shelves or accessing digital newsstands, enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the behind-the-scenes intricacies of bringing this ambitious project to fruition.

And for those looking to stay ahead of the curve, pre-ordering the issue ensures securing a copy, while subscribing to Total Film guarantees access to exclusive covers and early access to each edition. As the countdown to the premiere continues, audiences await with bated breath to witness how Benioff, Weiss, and Woo breathe life into Cixin’s visionary universe on the small screen.

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