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Top 10 Inuyasha Villain Costumes

Here are more details about the top 10 Inuyasha villain costumes: Naraku’s Armor: Naraku, the main antagonist of the series, wears a black and gold armor that covers his entire body. The armor is adorned with intricate designs and spikes, giving him a menacing appearance. Bankotsu’s Armor: Bankotsu, the leader of the Band of Seven, […]

Who is Kagura? The special thing about Kagura anime Gintama

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1. Who is Kagura? Kagura is the courageous woman of Gintama and the most youthful at 14 years of age. Alongside Gintoki and Shinpachi, Kagura is important for Yorozuya, a business established by Gintoki where benefactors can enlist individuals to do random temp jobs. Kagura is likewise an outsider from the Yato (godlike) clan, which […]