Star Wars Unveils New Rogue Sith’s Gold Lightsaber

After the events of The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker confronts a mysterious ‘rogue Sith’ and faces off against their distinctive gold lightsaber.

In Marvel’s Star Wars series, Luke Skywalker is depicted attempting to cleanse a corrupted red kyber crystal, which fans speculate will become the core of his eventual green lightsaber. However, he encounters unexpected resistance.

In a preview of Star Wars #43, Luke finds himself ensnared within the corrupted crystal, inhabited by the lingering spirit of an ancient Sith. Despite Luke’s attempts to aid the Sith, the Dark Sider, whose identity remains undisclosed, seeks to manipulate Luke to the Dark Side to enhance their own power and expand their domain within the crystal. The Sith brandishes a menacing spiked gold lightsaber as a threat to Luke.

Set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, this storyline introduces a new chapter in Luke’s journey with the inclusion of the yellow-bladed lightsaber. Now, Luke faces off against a Sith wielding their own unique lightsaber design.

The ‘rogue Sith,’ distinct from the teachings of Vader and Palpatine, espouses a doctrine focused on transcending pain. This philosophy is reflected in their gold lightsaber, which is adorned with spikes and symbolizes their obsession with dominance through suffering. Unlike Palpatine’s flashy gold lightsabers, this Sith’s weapon is a reflection of their masochistic beliefs, evident in their throne-bound encounter with Luke.

As Luke grapples with this new Sith adversary, his quest to understand the Dark Side and the Force is likely to evolve, potentially leading to the creation of his iconic green lightsaber.

Marvel’s Star Wars #43 is set for release on February 21st.

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