Review of Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Episode 6

“Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Episode 6 Review”

In Episode 6 of Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown, titled “Whip up morale,” the tension builds as the events of the Christmas showdown between the Black Dragon and the Tokyo Manji gang draw near. However, the episode falls short in effectively managing the tension and includes forgettable scenes in the first 10 minutes. Takemichi’s attempt to stop Hakkai from killing his brother Taiju takes center stage, showcasing his desperate efforts to reshape the future. This involves forming an alliance with his enemy Kisaki, breaking up with his love interest Hina, and realizing the gravity of his mistakes.

The episode kicks off with Hakkai hyping himself up before heading to the church, while Taiju temporarily leaves the gang in the hands of Kokonoi and Inui to embark on a spiritual retreat. A mysterious text message interrupts Yuzuha’s peaceful moment at home, dramatically changing her mood. These scenes provide glimpses into the lives of the three siblings leading up to the life-altering incident.

A conversation between Inui and Kokonoi raises questions and further fuels anticipation. Kokonoi’s questionable actions, such as willingly offering up Taiju to Kisaki and cryptic discussions, leave fans wondering about his true intentions and the undisclosed promise mentioned.

The episode includes flashbacks of Chifuyu engaging in a fight with members of the ToMan gang, followed by Baji intervening. This scene, though unexplained in terms of motive, emphasizes Chifuyu’s trust in Baji and sets the stage for Takemichi receiving Baji’s sash.

As planned, Takemichi enters the Udagawa Christ Church while the others attempt to stop Taiju from entering, aiming to defeat the leader of the Black Dragon and dismantle the rival gang. However, an unexpected turn of events unfolds as Hakkai confronts Taiju at the altar. Their heated discussion showcases Takemichi’s attempts to convince Hakkai to reconsider his actions, highlighting his willingness to do anything to protect his loved ones. Just as Hakkai seems convinced, Taiju unexpectedly enters the church, revealing Kisaki’s betrayal and his true intentions of wanting Taiju dead. Hakkai charges at Taiju with a Tanto, but Taiju effortlessly stops him.

The following moments are filled with intense confrontations between Taiju, Hakkai, and Takemichi. Taiju reverts to his habit of beating up Takemichi, displaying his twisted relationship with his brother and offering him opportunities to attack from behind. Yuzuha suddenly appears and stabs Taiju while he chokes Takemichi, narrowly missing a critical hit due to Takemichi’s warning. Yuzuha’s timely intervention stems from her knowledge, received from Kisaki, of the impending danger. Takemichi realizes that Yuzuha was the one who killed Taiju in the original timeline but missed a crucial point due to his presence. Taiju strikes Yuzuha, leaving the plotlines surrounding Kokonoi, Hakkai’s secret, and the fate of the Shiba family unresolved.

Betrayal upon betrayal unfolds in this episode, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats as the second season of Tokyo Revengers approaches its climax.

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