One Kakegurui game cheat stands out as illogical and nonsensical

In the popular gambling series Kakegurui, known for its intricate games and cheats, there is one cheat that defies logic. In a high-stakes game called Life or Death, where players bet on the placement of metal swords, one character’s cheat raises confusion.

During the game, Yuriko Nishinotōin, a member of the Traditional Culture Research Society, attempts to cheat by using assistants with metal piercings in their hands to manipulate the sword placement. However, Yumeko Jabami, the protagonist, points out that this cheat is ineffective. The nature of the game makes it impossible to accurately control where the swords land, rendering Yuriko’s cheat unreliable. It is perplexing why Yuriko would employ such a reckless cheat that offers no guarantee of success. Furthermore, considering the rules of her own game, it is surprising that she hasn’t faced more losses prior to her encounter with Yumeko.

Yuriko’s cheat could potentially harm her chances of winning rather than aiding them. The game allows for blades to land in slots that can shift the outcome in favor of either player. While Yuriko’s cheat can influence the direction of the swords, she cannot control if they land in the slots or determine their orientation (face-up or face-down). This increases the risk for Yuriko, as her cheat may result in a sword landing unfavorably and incurring a significant debt. This realization becomes evident during her game against Yumeko, where she faces the possibility of owing two billion Yen.

In contrast to other cheats in Kakegurui, which provide a more foolproof path to victory if undetected, Yuriko’s cheat is unreliable and lacks sound reasoning. If her attempts were to backfire, it would raise questions about her decision to cheat in the first place.

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