Key Variances: Fire Force Manga vs. Anime

Arthur Boyle from Fire Force

“Differences Between Fire Force Manga and Anime”

“Fire Force,” a scorching hot anime based on Atsushi Ōkubo’s manga, follows the pyrokinetic firefighters of Special Fire Force Company 8. While the anime has gained popularity, there are notable disparities between the show and its source material.

  1. Custom-made Gear for Shinra: In the anime, Shinra receives personalized firefighting gear, addressing the issue of his shoes burning up due to his fiery abilities. This change doesn’t occur in the manga.
  2. Humanity Added to Infernals: The anime adds a subtle touch by giving Infernals some dialogue, showcasing their hidden sense of humanity, whereas the manga lacks this element.
  3. Scene Alterations: Some scenes in the anime differ from the manga, though they maintain the intended tone and direction. Following the tragic fire at Kyoto Animation in 2019, the anime made adjustments to the color scheme of flames and minor changes in narration.
  4. Introduction of Yū: The anime introduces Yū, Vulcan’s apprentice, when Company 8 persuades them to join their cause. However, in the manga, Yū is introduced earlier in a sequence where Shinra saves him from danger.
  5. Omissions of Cool Moments: The manga includes impressive scenes with Karim, showcasing his unique ice-manipulating abilities. These moments are not present in the anime.

While the anime faithfully adapts the manga, it’s worth exploring the original text for additional character moments. As of now, there is no official release date for Season 3 of “Fire Force.”

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