Kakegurui Twin Review: Exploring Gambling Addiction Through a Tsundere’s Perspective

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Kakegurui Twin Review: A Ridiculous and Creepy Delight for Anime Fans

Kakegurui Twin, one of Netflix’s best original anime releases in 2022, delivers a wild and over-the-top experience that captivates viewers from start to finish. Serving as a prequel to the main Kakegurui series, this spin-off takes us back to the ruthless Hyakkaou Private Academy, where high-stakes gambling reigns supreme. In this installment, we follow Mary Saotome, a transfer student who gets entangled in the school’s infamous gambling frenzy.

Whether you’re a devoted follower of the Kakegurui series or a newcomer to its poker table, Kakegurui Twin is bound to impress. With its eccentric characters, exaggerated facial expressions, and intricate breakdowns of even the simplest gambling games, the series offers a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend three hours of your life.

The only downside is its short six-episode run. For fans accustomed to the main series’ 12 episodes, Kakegurui Twin might feel like a mere snapshot, leaving them wanting more. However, the show manages to stand on its own, which is commendable and refreshing given the mixed reception of the 2022 Summer anime lineup.

Right from the beginning, Kakegurui Twin succeeds in captivating its audience. Within minutes of the episode “A Girl Named Mary Saotome,” viewers are hooked and fully invested in the story, ready to wager their attention on Mary’s journey. As the series progresses, the stakes get higher, and the potential losses become more significant, creating a sense of tension and excitement. Mary’s development as a character is compelling, and her strategic approach to games and manipulation of opponents keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

While some characters may come off as one-dimensional, serving mainly as catalysts for the games or as foils for Mary’s schemes, this familiarity will be appreciated by fans of the original Kakegurui series. With a longer episode count, these characters could have been fleshed out further, but even as it stands, Kakegurui Twin offers an engaging and emotionally charged experience.

Visually, Kakegurui Twin is a feast for the eyes. Produced by the acclaimed animation studio MAPPA, the series boasts stunning artwork and cinematography. The subtle shifts in color palette, from red to green, enhance the atmosphere, while the expert use of close-up shots and facial expressions adds depth to the characters’ poker faces. MAPPA’s mastery of visual storytelling shines through, immersing viewers in the world of Hyakkaou Private Academy and its addictive gambling culture.

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Kakegurui Twin delves into themes of light versus dark, friendship versus manipulation, and heroines versus villainesses. It manages to simultaneously embody and defy these dichotomies, making for a captivating and unique school-based narrative. Whether you’re drawn to the visuals, the thrilling gambling games, the well-crafted characters, or the high-stakes drama, Kakegurui Twin is a must-watch anime that will keep you thoroughly entertained.

You can stream Kakegurui Twin on Netflix right now.

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