Kakegurui Twin lives up to the original series

Kakegurui Twin is a prequel to the hit anime series, Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler, that centers on Mary Saotome’s first year at Hyakkaou Private Academy. The original series hinted at Mary’s past, but the prequel goes deeper and reveals more about her character and the world of the gambling school. Now that the six-episode anime adaptation of Kakegurui Twin is out, fans are wondering how well it holds up to the original.

One of the main selling points of Kakegurui Twin is the focus on Mary Saotome as the main character, giving her the spotlight instead of playing second fiddle to Yumeko Jabami. This allows the Twin storyline to spend more time developing Mary’s character and depict more aspects of her personality that would otherwise not be given attention. For example, the first episode of Kakegurui Twin shows Mary struggling to make friends at her new school, revealing a more vulnerable side of her character.

The animation in Kakegurui Twin also does an excellent job of capturing Mary’s complex emotions. Scenes that depict Mary’s overconfidence also show her underlying nervousness, conveyed through wide eyes and a creepy smile. The use of a cool color palette for calm moments and warm colors for moments of panic or loss of control help further convey Mary’s unpredictable emotional state. The anime also features other characters, like Sachiko Juraku and Midari Ikishima, with unique color palettes that reflect their personalities.

The music in Kakegurui Twin is equally impressive and helps to convey the high stakes of the gambling school and the chaotic nature of the games. The fast-paced jazz, rock, and dance tracks help to give the anime an appropriately “casino” feel to the gambling dens. On the whole, Kakegurui Twin is a well-made anime adaptation that continues the tone and feel of the original series while placing more focus on one of the more popular characters. It’s a must-watch for fans of the franchise and a great introduction for those who have not yet seen the main anime series.

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