JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure introduces a big heist twist, creating a new mystery

Jodio and his crew face obstacles during their big heist, hinting at a larger mystery unfolding in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

In the latest installment of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, part 9 titled The Jojolands, Jodio takes on the role of the new Jojo. However, their crew’s ambitious heist quickly takes an unexpected turn, suggesting that someone has other plans for them and their mission’s success.

The story follows Jodio, a criminal and drug dealer, as he and his friends are tasked with stealing a valuable $6 million diamond from a wealthy Japanese man vacationing in a mansion in Hawaii. To their surprise, the target turns out to be none other than Rohan Kishibe, a familiar character from the JoJo universe who shouldn’t exist in this particular timeline. As the crew attempts to infiltrate Rohan’s house, a mysterious cat with a Stand ability appears, throwing them off guard.

The cat, seemingly connected to a third party, first catches Rohan’s attention before entering the mansion. It then employs its Stand ability, creating threads that bind Jodio’s crew, rendering them helpless. However, during the heist, the crew discovers another unexpected item inside the safe: a volcanic rock accompanied by scientific equipment and photos of lava flows. This discovery raises questions about the true value and purpose of the heist. Could the crew have been set up to take the fall for stealing the diamond while the real treasure remains unknown?

The presence of the cat and its affiliation with a mysterious third party indicate a larger scheme at play. It seems that this party is after something other than the diamond and has orchestrated the heist accordingly. If Jodio and his crew are caught attempting to steal the diamond, no one would suspect a parallel burglary targeting a different objective. The volcanic rock holds significance, possibly linking it to the Rock Humans of Jojolion or other enigmatic geological phenomena from the revamped JoJo universe.

The identity and motives of this third party are yet to be revealed. However, their preexisting knowledge of the break-in and Rohan’s involvement with volcanic rocks suggests a well-orchestrated plan. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that there is more to this chapter of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure than initially meets the eye.

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