In the fierce Best Animated Feature Oscar competition, can Netflix or a newcomer clinch the win?

Turning Red

In the previous Oscar season, Disney dominated the animation category, securing three nominations and ultimately clinching a win with the enchanting film Encanto. However, as the new awards season unfolds, Netflix is making a strong entrance with several contenders, notably Guillermo del Toro’s much-anticipated Pinocchio. DreamWorks Animation is also back in the race with promising entries, and newer players like Apple, A24, and Gkids are eager to secure their maiden Oscar win for Best Animated Feature. With only five nominations up for grabs, the question looms: who will emerge to compete for the coveted prize?

Walt Disney Studios has a range of contenders this year, with Pixar’s Turning Red standing out as the frontrunner. Director Domee Shi draws from her own awkward teen years to craft a narrative centered on Meilin Lee, a 13-year-old Chinese Canadian girl navigating adolescence in Toronto. The film, marking Pixar’s first solely female-directed project, follows Mei’s challenges in pleasing her family and the peculiar family curse that transforms her into a giant red panda during emotional moments. Turning Red has garnered critical acclaim for Shi’s portrayal of female friendships and the mother-daughter relationship.

Director Chris Williams, after 25 years in Disney animation, found the perfect platform at Netflix to bring his animated action-adventure dream to life with The Sea Beast. The film follows Jacob, a sea monster hunter, and Maisie, a young stowaway, on a perilous adventure. Netflix’s most successful animated film to date, The Sea Beast, has accumulated over 160 million hours viewed, showcasing its widespread popularity.

The Sea Beast

Netflix’s lineup continues to impress with My Father’s Dragon, directed by Nora Twomey and based on the 1948 children’s novel. The film takes viewers on a journey with Elmer, a young boy in search of a dragon on Wild Island to solve his problems. In contrast to the 3D animation of The Sea Beast, My Father’s Dragon employs a charming 2D storybook style, resonating well with younger audiences.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio brings a visually stunning stop-motion adaptation of the classic fable to life, set against the backdrop of 1930s Italy during the Fascist reign. Del Toro injects his signature artistic style into the narrative, offering a fresh perspective on a boy striving to live up to his father’s expectations in challenging times.

DreamWorks Animation reenters the competition with two significant contenders: The Bad Guys and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. The Bad Guys, based on a children’s graphic novel series, follows a group of anthropomorphic criminals attempting to reform into good guys. The film, grossing over $250 million worldwide, has become the second-highest-grossing animated film of 2022. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish continues the legacy of the beloved character, bringing a darker tone and an intriguing narrative that has resonated well with audiences and critics alike.

A24 makes its mark with Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, a unique animated feature based on a series of short films. The film utilizes a documentary style to tell the story of Marcel, a tiny talking shell, and his whimsical life in an Airbnb. Marcel becomes a cultural phenomenon, attracting attention from 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl, showcasing a blend of animated characters in a live-action world.

Apple seeks its second nomination with Luck, directed by Peggy Holmes, where Sam, the unluckiest person in the world, embarks on a journey with a black cat named Bob in the mystical Land of Luck. The film’s strength lies in its voice acting and choreographed animated sequences.

Gkids aims for a win with Inu-Oh, an animated musical based on the novel Tales of the Heike: Inu-Oh. Set in 14th-century Japan, the film follows two outcasts, Tomona and Inu-Oh, who discover their ability to hear the spirits of the Heike clan, embarking on a performance-driven journey.

As the animated feature competition unfolds, the question of whether Disney or DreamWorks will secure another win or if Netflix will break through with multiple films, including Del Toro’s Pinocchio, remains unanswered. Additionally, the potential for Gkids, Apple, or A24 to secure their first win adds an element of unpredictability to this season’s animated Oscar race, making it anyone’s game to win compared to the previous year.

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