Identity V to feature Danganronpa V3 crossover event

Danganronpa V3 Identity V

NetEase’s popular asymmetrical horror game, Identity V, is set to have a crossover event with the popular video game series Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. This exciting news was first announced during the Call of the Abyss VI stream, which was the world finals for Identity V. Along with the crossover event, NetEase has also announced other upcoming updates that will include a new map, mode, and characters.

As of now, there is no official information on which characters from the Danganronpa V3 series will make an appearance in Identity V’s crossover event. NetEase has stated that they will release more details about the crossover event closer to the release date. However, during the event, players will be able to obtain the previous Danganronpa and Super Danganronpa 2 skins, which will likely be the final chance to obtain these limited skins.

In previous Danganronpa collaboration events, NetEase released outfits such as Nagito Komaeda for Mercenary and Kyoko Kirigiri for Coordinator. Fans are eagerly anticipating what other outfits NetEase has in store for this upcoming crossover event.

NetEase has also announced that there will be a new Hide and Seek game mode. Based on the key visual, it appears that this mode may be another 2v8 type of mode, which means there will be two Hunters and eight Survivors per match. Additionally, there will be a new Race Course map, which is speculated to tie into the lore for the Cheerleader, a new character who will be joining the game. In addition to the Cheerleader, the game will also introduce a new Survivor character, the Aeroplanist, and a new Hunter character, the Opera Singer. Further details on their kits will be announced at a later date.

Identity V is available for mobile devices and Windows PC worldwide. Fans can expect more information about the Danganronpa V3 collaboration event, including the new characters and outfits, on the Identity V social media accounts in the near future. With these exciting updates, fans of Identity V and Danganronpa V3 alike can look forward to an even more thrilling gaming experience.

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