‘Frozen 4’ could be in development, according to Disney CEO

BREAKING: Elsa Will Marry a Woman in Frozen 3

In an interview with “Good Morning America,” Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped hints about the potential development of a “Frozen 4” movie. During the conversation with co-anchor Michael Strahan, Iger disclosed that not only is “Frozen 3” currently in the works, but there is also a possibility of a subsequent installment with “Frozen 4.” Jennifer Lee, the visionary behind the original “Frozen” and its sequel “Frozen II,” is actively collaborating with her team at Disney Animation on these upcoming projects.

The “Frozen” franchise has been a massive success, with both “Frozen” and “Frozen II” surpassing the $1 billion mark at the global box office upon their respective releases in 2013 and 2019, according to The Numbers, a film industry data website.

In addition to the exciting movie developments, Disney has announced a new “Frozen” podcast that will feature fresh stories involving beloved characters like Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, expanding the narrative universe of Arend

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elle. Adding to the immersive experience for fans, Hong Kong Disneyland is set to unveil a new “World of Frozen” themed land on November 20. This enchanting attraction will allow parkgoers to step into the magical world of Arendelle.

Bob Iger, who had the opportunity to preview the “World of Frozen,” shared his enthusiasm about the new land, emphasizing its ability to bring Arendelle to life. The CEO highlighted the immersive nature of Disney’s theme park experiences, likening them to the physical embodiment of the studio’s most beloved stories, including “Cars Land,” “Star Wars,” “Pandora,” and now, the incredibly successful “Frozen” franchise.

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The “World of Frozen” promises visitors the chance to meet iconic characters like Olaf, Anna, and Elsa, in addition to offering exciting attractions and delightful dining experiences. Iger expressed the belief that the new land would not only provide entertainment but also offer a powerful sense of storytelling, allowing visitors to feel as if they have stepped into the very place where the “Frozen” movies unfolded.

As Disney continues to expand the “Frozen” universe with upcoming films, podcasts, and themed attractions, fans can look forward to further immersing themselves in the beloved tale of ice and magic.

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