Fire Force’s 3rd Stage Play Reveals 18 Character Visuals in a Group

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Prepare yourself for an exhilarating spectacle as a brand new show arrives in the vibrant cities of Tokyo and Kyoto this September. Fire Force, the beloved anime series, is making waves once again with the announcement of its highly anticipated third stage play adaptation. With the production gearing up for an explosive performance, fans were thrilled when a set of eighteen stunning character visuals was recently unveiled, giving them a glimpse into the fiery world they know and love.

Let’s dive into the ensemble cast and the characters they bring to life on stage:

  • Ryoga Ishikawa takes on the role of Shinra Kusakabe, the passionate protagonist with the power of “devil’s footprints.”
  • Ryugi Yokota embodies the valiant Arthur Boyle, Shinra’s loyal companion and fellow Fire Soldier.
  • Yu Imari steps into the shoes of Akitaru Obi, the strong and determined captain of Company 8.
  • Ryoma Baba portrays Takehisa Hinawa, the stoic marksman known for his unwavering dedication to his duties.
  • Rimo Hasegawa brings to life the fierce and fearless Maki Oze, a powerful Second Generation pyrokinetic.
  • Karin Isobe captures the innocence and purity of Iris, the compassionate nun of the Holy Sol Temple.
  • Yu Saotome embodies Tamaki Kotatsu, the lively and slightly clumsy member of Company 1.
  • Shuji Kikuchi takes on the role of Viktor Licht, the enigmatic scientist who specializes in Fire Force technology.
  • TAKA portrays Vulcan Joseph, the talented engineer and skilled firefighter.
  • Yuga Iwasaki steps into the shoes of Sho Kusakabe, Shinra’s enigmatic younger brother.
  • Karen Sakura embodies Arrow, a mysterious and deadly member of the White-Clad organization.
  • Marina Tanoue portrays Haumea, a manipulative and powerful adversary with control over flames.
  • Seiya Inagaki captures the menacing presence of Charon, a fearsome enforcer for the White-Clad.
  • Takuya Kawaharada brings to life the charismatic and cunning Yona, a member of the White-Clad.
  • Takeshi James Yamadaji embodies the explosive Assault, a formidable foe with destructive powers.
  • Mondo Ukai takes on the role of Dr. Giovanni, a brilliant but twisted scientist with a dark agenda.
  • Haruna Iikubo portrays Lisa Isaribi, a loyal member of Company 8 with unique abilities.
  • Takashi Hagino steps into the shoes of Leonard Burns, the stern and experienced captain of Company 1.

Supporting this incredible cast are ensemble members Yusuke Okudaira, Yoshihiro Kano, Monkichi Takada, Ryota Hino, and Seiya Watanabe, who contribute their talents to create an unforgettable stage experience.

Directed by the visionary Sho Kubota and featuring a captivating script by Yusei Naruse, the show, titled “Recapture from the Underground,” promises to be a thrilling ride. Set to run from September 17 to 25 at Tokyo’s Sunshine Theater, audiences will have the opportunity to witness the explosive action and captivating storytelling. Following the Tokyo performances, the show will continue its journey to Kyoto Theater, where it will captivate audiences from September 29 to October 2.

If you’re a dedicated fan of red-hot shonen anime, don’t miss the chance to catch up on the first two seasons of Fire Force’s thrilling anime adaptation, available for streaming on the popular platform Crunchyroll. Immerse yourself in the world where Tokyo burns, and its citizens face the baffling affliction of spontaneous human combustion. The courageous Fire Force stands as humanity’s last hope, and Shinra, our determined hero, is ready to join the fight. As a member of Company 8, he will deploy his devil’s footprints to safeguard the city from being reduced to smoldering ashes. But lurking within the depths of his past lies a burning secret, one that could set everything ablaze and alter the course of their treacherous journey forever.

Fire Force stage play Ryugi Yokota as Arthur Boyle

Prepare to be enthralled as Fire Force ignites the stage, bringing the scorching battles and captivating storylines to life like never before. Get ready to witness a spectacle that will leave you breathless and eagerly anticipating each twist and turn in this mesmerizing tale of heroism, mystery, and the unbreakable bonds forged amidst the flames.

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