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For fans of the Kakegurui Twin anime, the final game of the first season left some confusion and questions. The Treasure Chest game, which involved counting stones and musical notations, was not easy to follow, and many viewers were left wondering how Mary managed to win it. In this article, we will explain the ending of Kakegurui Twin season 1 and shed some light on Mary’s victory.

First of all, it’s important to note that Kakegurui Twin is a prequel spin-off series of the original Kakegurui anime, which takes place at Hyakkaou Academy. This school is famous for its high-stakes gambling and betting, and the characters in both anime series are constantly playing games of chance to gain power and influence.

In the Treasure Chest game, Mary faces off against Sakura, and the first two rounds go to Sakura. Mary is left feeling defeated and is about to become a House Pet, which is essentially a slave to another student. However, her friends Hanatemari and Yukimi come back with another set of Treasure Chests, and Mary’s demeanor changes from weak to wicked.

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Mary reveals that the game had three parts: finding the chest using the first map, attending the stone counting game with Mibuomi, and using both Treasure Chest locations from the first round to find the final and decisive Treasure Chest. The club building where the game took place had four floors, and combining both locations on a multi-dimensional blueprint gave one final room and one final Treasure Chest.

The two numerical musical notations provided the multi-dimensional coordinates, but they didn’t specify which were the horizontal axes and which were the vertical axes. Mary split them up, leaving the room to be a distraction. Sakura, who was overconfident and underestimated Mary’s abilities, lost sight of the fact that the stone counting game might not have been the final round.

After winning the game, Mary is offered a spot in Full-Bloom by Mibuomi, who sees her as a powerful new member. However, Mary is not interested and slaps away Mibuomi’s offer in a defiant manner, saying she’ll never join a group led by a pathetic s*** stain like him.

In the post-credit scene, Juraka asks whether Mibuomi has given up on Mary, to which he replies that he’s quite smitten by her and needs her to join Full-Bloom at all costs, or he’ll have to crush her. This sets the stage for the next season of Kakegurui Twin, and fans are eagerly waiting to see what happens next.

Overall, Kakegurui Twin season 1 was a fantastic six-episode run that left fans wanting more. Mary’s victory in the Treasure Chest game was a highlight of the season, and her defiance against Mibuomi was a fitting end to the series. If you haven’t seen Kakegurui Twin yet, we highly recommend giving it a watch!

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