DreamWorks’ new movie seems more emotionally intense than any recent Pixar film

DreamWorks’ upcoming film, ‘The Wild Robot’, seems to be mastering a storytelling technique that has long been associated with Pixar: delivering emotionally impactful narratives. Despite DreamWorks’ reputation for comedic animations, ‘The Wild Robot’ appears poised to evoke tears from audiences, reminiscent of the emotional depth often found in Pixar releases. Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, Pixar and DreamWorks emerged as leaders in 3D animation, with each studio carving out its unique identity. While Pixar’s films are often characterized by sincerity, sentimentality, and a deeper emotional resonance, DreamWorks has been known for its zany and comedic blockbusters such as ‘Shrek’ and ‘Madagascar’. However, the trailer for ‘The Wild Robot’ signals a departure from this trend.

Based on Peter Brown’s book of the same name, ‘The Wild Robot’ follows the journey of a stranded robot adapting to life on an uninhabited island. The trailer, which features minimal dialogue, showcases the robot’s poignant encounters with nature, including a heart-wrenching scene where it cares for an abandoned bird’s egg. This departure from DreamWorks’ typically comedic style towards a more emotionally resonant narrative is a significant shift for the studio.

In contrast, Pixar has long been celebrated for its ability to weave heart-wrenching moments into its films, garnering widespread acclaim and cultural impact. While DreamWorks has included moments of sadness in its films, it has not prioritized tragic storytelling to the same extent as Pixar. However, with ‘The Wild Robot’, DreamWorks seems to be embracing a more somber tone, akin to Pixar’s trademark style.

Pixar’s recent releases have seen a decline in the level of emotional depth compared to its earlier classics. In the midst of critical misfires and mixed box office results, Pixar has struggled to replicate the emotional resonance of its earlier films. In contrast, ‘The Wild Robot’ feels like a return to the heartfelt storytelling that made Pixar famous, with its sincere and touching tone reminiscent of classics like ‘Wall-E’. This shift in tone may mark a new direction for DreamWorks, as it seeks to resonate with audiences on a deeper emotional level.

Overall, ‘The Wild Robot’ represents a departure from DreamWorks’ traditional comedic style towards a more emotionally resonant narrative, akin to Pixar’s acclaimed storytelling. If successful, this shift may pave the way for more emotionally impactful films from DreamWorks in the future, reminiscent of the tear-jerking fare that Pixar has become renowned for.

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