Disney Movie Club Shutting Down Deals Blow to Physical Media

The collaboration between Disney and Sony poses a significant threat to the accessibility of rare media.

Procuring physical editions of Disney’s beloved classics is about to become a considerable challenge. After a commendable 23 years of service, Disney has made the disheartening announcement that it will be shutting down the Disney Movie Club later this year. This subscription-based service, a staple for diehard Disney enthusiasts since its inception in 2001, has been a lifeline for fans seeking DVDs and Blu-rays of an extensive array of Disney productions. Notably, it has been a haven for those in search of the more obscure gems in Disney’s vast catalogue – the forgotten classics that are otherwise incredibly difficult to obtain.

In a somber statement released by the company, they expressed deep appreciation for the loyalty of their over 10 million Club Members while regretfully announcing the decision to bid farewell. This closure comes hot on the heels of a new agreement between Disney and Sony, where Sony will now oversee the production of physical media on behalf of Disney. However, the details of whether Sony intends to offer a comparable service to the now-defunct Disney Movie Club remain ambiguous.

The decline of physical media has been a longstanding trend, largely attributed to the rise of digital releases and the dominance of streaming platforms. Disney itself entered the streaming arena with Disney+ in late 2019, positioning it as a modern-day equivalent to the promise once held by the Disney Movie Club. However, the crucial distinction lies in ownership – while Disney+ offers access to a vast library of content, the titles are subject to removal at any time. Moreover, Disney+ currently lacks several titles that are exclusively available through the Disney Movie Club in physical format. With the imminent closure of the club, there is palpable concern about the fate of these cherished titles.

The official announcement specifies that the Disney Movie Club will cease operations in July of this year, providing current members with a window until May 20 to place their final orders. For collectors of vintage Disney films and shows, as well as advocates for the preservation of physical media, this news serves as a call to action.

In essence, the impending closure of the Disney Movie Club, coupled with the uncertainty surrounding the availability of its exclusive titles, underscores the evolving landscape of media consumption. As streaming services continue to redefine how we access entertainment, the fate of physical media hangs in the balance, leaving enthusiasts and collectors with a sense of urgency to preserve what remains of this cherished tradition.

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