Death Note: The Ideal Anime for Beginners

Death Note has become one of the most iconic and beloved anime series of all time, with a special place in the hearts of anime fans worldwide. What makes this series even more impressive is that it is often regarded as the perfect starter anime for those who are just beginning their anime-watching journey. Despite its elaborate plot and heavy themes, Death Note manages to be the number one recommendation for those new to anime, captivating them with its thought-provoking dilemmas and charismatic characters.

One of the main reasons why Death Note is considered the perfect introductory anime is its unique narrative and thought-provoking nature. Unlike other shonen anime, where there is usually a clear protagonist and antagonist, Death Note offers a morally ambiguous situation that challenges the viewer’s moral compass. This aspect of the anime has viewers divided to this day on whether L, the genius detective, is the actual antagonist of the series or not. The primary theme of the anime is ‘justice,’ and there is no black and white answer to the show’s hard-hitting questions. On one side, punishing criminals for their misdeeds is just, but on the other, killing them off without giving them a chance of rectification also seems rather unfair. The complexity of this theme challenges the viewer’s morals and principles, in-turn allowing them to become all the more engrossed within the series.

Another reason why Death Note is the perfect starter anime is its fast-paced, character-driven plot. Unlike other anime series that start off slow, Death Note delves right into the main plot, pushing viewers directly into the story’s mayhem. The first episode of the series reveals the complete premise of the show, along with the suspense and thrill that the anime is renowned for. This approach ensures that viewers have no other choice but to get hooked, making it a perfect starter anime.

Furthermore, Death Note is not dragged out and features a relatively small number of episodes, unlike other shonen anime. The show’s short duration allows newer fans to be able to finish the story without getting overwhelmed with hundreds of episodes left. It sticks to the main story without any deviations throughout its runtime, making it easier for newer fans to follow and understand.

In addition, the dubbed version of Death Note is of exceptional quality, with English voice actors who have done an incredible job in the series, perfectly depicting the emotions and sentiments of the characters just as well as the original Japanese version. This is important because newer anime fans may not be accustomed to both the Japanese language and subtitles, and the dubbed version is the default recommendation.

Lastly, Death Note challenges the common anime stereotypes, such as the notion that anime is only for children or that the good guy always wins. The anime offers the complete opposite, with heavy undertones and an overall harrowing theme that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. It also does an excellent job of avoiding anime clichés, leaving no room for cynicism. Light and L’s compelling personalities defy the notion that anime characters lack depth. Overall, the series perfectly portrays the true essence of anime, making it the perfect starter anime for skeptics and newcomers alike.

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