Death Note artist creates new comedy manga Ha Shoten!

Show-Ha Shoten! is an innovative new manga series that has been creating buzz since its first volume released on February 7th from Viz. It is co-authored by Akinori Asakura, primarily a novelist who has had most of his novels, such as Rokunin no Usotsuki na Daigakusei, adapted into manga, and Takeshi Obata, the renowned artist behind popular manga series such as Death Note and Platinum End. The series follows the story of two high school students, Azemichi Shijima and Taiyo Higashikata, who dream of becoming the next comedy duo sensation in Japan.

The series stands out from the crowded field of manga by taking a decidedly different approach. It focuses on the world of comedy rather than the typical action-packed fantasy worlds of many Shonen manga series. Instead of devils with chainsaws, super-powered pirates, or pocket monsters, readers get to experience the ups and downs of young aspiring comedians.

The main protagonist, Shijima, is the opposite of the brilliant and charismatic Light from Death Note. He is bookish, socially awkward, and has always avoided attention. He compensated for his nerdy nature by becoming one of the best under-20 joke writers in the nation, a talent he kept hidden from others by using a fake name to submit his jokes. In contrast, Taiyo is a social butterfly, a child acting prodigy, and never afraid of performing in front of a crowd or winning them over with his infectious personality. Although he is not a natural comedian, his acting skills are versatile enough to turn a well-written humorous situation into comedic joy.

Despite their different personalities and backgrounds, Shijima and Higashikata’s shared interest and desire to “do comedy” bring them together. With Shijima’s comedic genius and Higashikata’s Thespian smoothness, they plan to take over Japan’s comedy culture. The series follows their attempts to become successful comedians, and the real pull of the story lies in the characters and their interactions.

Show-Ha Shoten! is a great example of how there is still room for innovation in the Shonen manga realm. The manga does not rely on world-threatening aliens or rotten-to-the-core supervillains plotting to take over the world. Instead, it relies on solid writing, engaging characters, and expressive art to draw readers in. It focuses on the joys and sorrows of relatable characters as they struggle to achieve their dreams. By avoiding complicated side stories that are often found in traditional hero and fantasy Shonen manga, readers can invest time into the series to learn how the characters develop.

As with any novel, the author has to rely on words alone to captivate, describe, and explain, and Show-Ha Shoten! displays a similar attention to detail. For instance, in figuring out how to make a joke that his family will laugh at, Shijima dissects the anatomy of a joke from figuring out the target audience’s “tickle factor” to how it should be delivered. Obata’s clean lines and uncanny, photo-realistic ways of isolating characters against overcrowded backgrounds make Show-Ha Shoten! even more worthy of a read.

All in all, Show-Ha Shoten! offers a refreshing change of pace from the typical Shonen manga series, with its focus on the world of comedy and its engaging characters. It is a must-read for fans of manga and anyone who wants to experience a new and exciting take on the genre.

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